Developers who look forward to building dynamic websites can use open source frameworks like Codeigniter. What is so special with Codeigniter is that it allows projects to be completed at a faster rate, without having to write codes. You can also use built-in libraries to complete the assigned tasks. The logical structure and simple interface help developers a lot while using Codeigniter. Interestingly, Codeigniter is largely based on view and controller patterns. In other words, developers are required to understand these things before using Codeigniter. However, knowing more about models is an option.

Given below are some reasons why individual developers and companies are beginning to prefer Codeigniter to other PHP based open source frameworks:

1. Users’ Requirements are Taken into Account.

Whether it is the structure of methods or the complexity associated with logic or line of codes, each of them have been developed by the coders of Codeigniter after a thorough research on the internet and after having an understanding of the users’ requirements. As a result, the end product has been one of the best performing open source frameworks.

2. There is no Need to Dig Your History

You don’t have to get a feel of what reengineering is all about or trackback on what you were doing in the past whilst you are understanding more about Codeigniter. The developers of Codeigniter have understood these case scenarios even before they went on to design and develop this framework. Hence, it is mandatory for all users to have a feel of what Codeigniter is all about before they get down to using them.

3. No need to spend hundreds of hours in configuring the Codeigniter framework.

All these important works would have already been covered by its developers to enable the users to concentrate on other things.

4. Limitless Documentation Choices.

Being one of the largest PHP based frameworks in the market today Codeigniter offers users with limitless possibilities with regard to documentation choices. Therefore, there is no reason the users will find it difficult to deal with the documentation processes whilst dealing with Codeigniter frameworks.

5. Easy for Both New and Experienced Developers.

Another advantage with Codeigniter is that both new and experienced developers can use it with great ease. This is because the user does not need to have knowledge on command line execution while working on these frameworks.

There are several other advantages associated with Codeigniter, in addition to the ones mentioned above. For example, when you compare Codeigniter with other software packages, it has certain interesting and useful features like form and data validation, light weight, a system based on model-view-controller, FTP class, file uploading class, session management, etc.

Codeigniter development can also assist in PHP coding as it will enable users to do certain functions via frameworks. These frameworks also help in utilizing modular programs. The development works using Codeigniter is compatible with different platforms, operating systems and web servers. Codeigniter programmer can also use this framework for several database management systems. As a Codeigniter developer is found everywhere, it is easy to locate him/her and get the required support through various blogs and forums.

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