Choosing Letzgro to Create a Social Network for Your Company

Create a Social Network

Companies that seek to create a social network solution are beginning to see the full extent of the potential of these somewhat pretentious online applications. Unfortunately, when you want to build a social networking site, one of the greatest problems is the amount of data that the databases will have to work with.

Because everyone will want to subscribe to feeds, post comments, send messages and create profiles and groups in a large social networking community, many of the free CMS technologies and less experienced development companies fall short when it comes to presenting viable methods to build a social network that can cope with all the necessary requirements.


Our company is well-versed in working with quality social APIs and providing scalable, high load solutions that can help your social network sites expand elegantly without the danger of becoming overloaded.

Professionally Working to Create a Social Network

Without a well-organized team to provide working solutions in a short amount of time, creating a complex project such as a social network application is virtually impossible. However, our team has got all the major tasks covered, being comprised of:

>>> A Project Manager – to decide upon the basic approach on the project.

>>> System Architect – to work on establishing the core structure of the system.

>>> Team Lead – offering professional guidance and instruction to the rest of the team.

>>> Designers – for working on providing your website with a catchy, promotional look.

>>> UI Developers – to create a social network user interface that is easy to use and can make your application available on a variety of different platforms.

>>> Server Side Developers – to work with the most important server scripts and add powerful and scalable functionality to the social networking application.

>>> QA Specialists – to develop and execute the quality assurance plans and processes geared to ensure the safe functioning of the software.

Is It Easy to Create a Social Network?

We have yet to create a social networking site that has failed in providing quality in terms of diversity, functionality and usability. Below is an account of some of our main accomplishments:

>>> The Middle Asia Diaspora Network – a classic social network featuring a live feed with filtering user profile creation, blogging capabilities, photo, and video support, as well as social API integration.

>>> The Unemployed Mentoring Network – a social network geared towards helping people find work with the help of mentors and friends, completing various tasks, and reward plans.

>>> The B2B social network – this is a complex network geared towards easy department and staff management, featuring business and employee registration, instant messaging, file sending, as well as support for sales, marketing, and procurement management.

>>> The development of a Social Wishlist – a simple application equipped with social integration, live feeds, and group gifting.

As you can see, it isn’t that difficult to create a social network and, with the level of dedication and knowledge that our team has at its disposal, your project is safe with us, and its complete version will be presented to you in the least possible amount of time.

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