Changes That Video Streaming Brought About Entertainment

The rapid development of video streaming technologies made a big shift in the latest tendencies of the entertainment industry. Just a few years ago people gathered together to watch TV in the living room, rent or bought DVD discs to enjoy favorite movies on the weekend. Nowadays, these activities belong to old habits and watching video is becoming more an individual rather than a group activity. Modern video streaming technologies contribute to this process a lot. By their means, users have an opportunity to watch any part from the variety of available media content from any devices. Besides, the time spent on this activity and the amount of content used are at consumers’ disposal as well. There are more features which make video streaming so appealing. It’s easy to set up a streaming process and it’s almost free of cost, as there is plenty of free video streaming software. Basically, all you need to join a stream are a good Internet connection and a device with streaming applications installed. Except for dramatical improvement of video observing experience let’s review what other changes video streaming caused in the entertainment industry.


events live

Video streaming has influenced a lot the ways events are held today and also opened up many opportunities to their organizers. It doesn’t matter what kind of event you’re planning, it might be a concert, a conference, a webinar or an interview. With live video streaming technology, it is possible to involve worldwide audience in any event and attract a limitless number of viewers. Moreover, you can establish an interaction with the viewers during the live broadcast. There are many live streaming applications which support the function of a live chat. By means of these apps, there is nothing easier than to conduct live streaming of your event and Q&A session. Before the event, you can use live video streaming to demonstrate the location where it takes place and any facilities nearby or to stream the preparation process itself. This will draw public attention and increase the awareness of your activities. It’s also trending to stream what is going on behind the scenes during the event. The viewers may find it interesting if you show them how other attendees are spending time outside the main location in the middle of the event. One more opportunity provided by video streaming is getting feedback live. You can ask your viewers for a feedback or share the impressions of the real visitors live. Furthermore, many organizers encourage streaming of their events among attendees, which brings more viewers and followers. In such a way, live video streaming has also become a mean of attracting potential clients and revenue increase for events hosts.

Sports goes live

sports goes live

Why live streaming of sports events has become common practice? Firstly, the content provided by sports industry is valuable only when broadcasting in real time. Platforms for live streaming as well as TV are capable of providing top-quality content to sports fans. Secondly, with live video streaming the fans can be involved in interaction with one another while watching a match, a competition etc. In such a way, a tendency to broadcast sports events live from social media or online channels is becoming a mainstream. Moreover, many social platforms like Twitter and Facebook are competing for the rights to stream the most anticipating sports events. Aside from major tournaments, it remains pertinent to broadcast live team’s activities before and after the matches, press conferences, interviews with famous players and even some training sessions. Thanks to many live video streaming tools such as Periscope, Facebook Live, Meerkat, now anyone can provide sports content while using minimum resources and very little effort.

Video streaming technologies keep changing our lives. The more improved and agile they become the bigger number of industries they have an impact on. Video streaming is no longer associated with entertainment exclusively, and it is not considered as one of its types. Nowadays, it has become a key factor of differentiation in business world and a way of increasing brand awareness. Let your business stand out from the crowd with the professional implementation of video streaming technologies provided by Letzgro team.

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