CEO Wanted to B2B SaaS Start-Up

Letzgro Engineering Incubator is initiating the start-up and is looking for a CEO. Here are more details.

Start-up: b2b SaaS in HRM Sphere

A start-up will provide the ability for managers of companies to reward their employees with mythical bananas which can be converted into prizes at the end of the countable period. We plan to sell to small and medium businesses in Central and Eastern Europe.

Status of the Project

  1. Project funding secured.
  2. CTO and the development team are ready to start and develop the MVP in collaboration with CEO.


Criteria to CEO

  1. Ability to lead a team.
  2. Creativity along with the ability to pursue long-term goals.
  3. Previous experience in start-ups.
  4. Ready for a full-time commitment.
  5. Intuitive experience in usability, wire framing skills.
  6. Understanding of lean start-up development and Steve Bank’s customer development.
  7. Strong internet marketing skills.
  8. Readiness and ability to build sales channels.
  9. Good English skills is a big plus. Otherwise – readiness to master English in a year.


  1. Minimal vitally needed salary – you are the one to bring in the big results!
  2. Full flexibility – no one cares about your office hours – to do list, email, skype, and 24/7 approach is what we look for.
  3. We give equity in the start-up.
  4. Supportive atmosphere of mentors, colleagues and finance for project development.

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