Carr&Ferrell Partner with Letzgro to Organize Meetups in Silicon Valley

Recently Letzgro has organized numerous meetups in the Silicon Valley to share experience in various areas such as software development, launching startups, business development and sales strategies, work with VC funds etc. A new partnership with Carr and Ferrell in delivering these events has made them even more productive and helped to involve more people into this intense discussion.

Carr & Ferrell is a full-service law firm dedicated to growing ideas into world class enterprises. Based in the heart of Silicon Valley’s technology and venture capital community, and keeping close to commercial and technology markets, the firm’s attorneys leverage their technical, business and legal competence to help emerging companies and investors succeed through the entire lifecycle of an enterprise. Carr & Ferrell areas of expertise include corporate law, litigation law, and intellectual property law practice.


Letzgro provides complex mobile and web solutions for innovative startup companies and enterprises to bring products to the market in the effective and entrepreneurial way. The company serves more than 50 companies from the USA, Canada, Holland, UK, Norway, France, Australia, Russia and Ukraine. To eliminate any risks in remote development the company maintains and values constant communication between customers and dedicated team which helps to ensure consistent product development and high quality. In early 2013, Letzgro announced the launch of Engineering Incubator to support bright minds and innovative solutions to improve the world with startups and creative solutions across the globe. Four products have already graduated from the incubator and are now on the stage of active business development.

The meetup held at Carr&Farrell headquarters in Menlo Park gathered a lot of like-minded people to discuss sales strategies, tactics, and tools presented by Brian Haverty, ex-Director of sales at eBay with 15+ years of executive experience in multiple VP and Director-level positions. The meetup was attended by co-founders, CEOs and VP Sales for B2B and B2C startups. The speciality of this event was a unique format where 2 companies were selected to be live case studies.

Letzgro is looking forward to the next meetups organized in cooperation with Carr&Farrell and invites everyone to join and get real benefits now!


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