While there are several web-based applications in the world, CakePHP has emerged as one of the most popular ones among them. CakePHP allows the developers to create different kinds of applications with great ease. Belonging to the open source category, CakePHP uses PHP to deliver its work. By developing simple coding procedures, it is possible for companies, both big and small, to create websites that not just sitting there but effective. A Cake PHP developer will always prefer using CakePHP over other PHP based applications. There are some valid reasons behind the soaring popularity of this technology.

1. Reusability is one of the greatest features of CakePHP.


In fact, programmers using CakePHP can use the codes that were written before and therefore, they can save lots of time. Not just that, the PHP developers can start focusing a lot more on the logical and creative aspects of the project, instead of focusing entirely on the coding aspect of it. The codes that were developed before can be used for other projects or applications wherever they are deemed fit.

2. When you use CakePHP for developing application, it actually lets you to view the architecture of the project.

Thereby you are able to differentiate between design and data from business logic. For every query that a user has, the model developed by CakePHP will help connect the respective database to it. Finally, these views will be presented to the end user in a way that is easy to understand. Contrary to these models, the active controllers work on the database or the model only after working on the data.

3. When applications are developed using CakePHP, it becomes automatically compatible with techniques like object relational mapping (ORM).

Using this, the data can be classified and then stored in tables and can later be used as classes. Then, the correlation between different tables is established by considering these classes. Developers can also use CakePHP framework for pre-defining validation definitions and callbacks.

4. The CRUD functionality associated with CakePHP framework is incredible in the sense it allows users to manage data easily.

The framework actually allows the user to create, update, delete and read entities of different kind in the system. If there are ever issues related to data management, a majority of them can be solved by initiating CRUD within the CakePHP framework. Furthermore, programmers are allowed to compress and store their data within these frameworks. Interestingly, there is a community that takes care of all the issues that crop up within CakePHP framework. Being an efficient open source platform, CakePHP lets programmers to design and build cost effective and interesting websites.

5. Configuration is not required to get started with CakePHP development works.

In fact, a CakePHP agency can get started with these works almost immediately. It’s not just the database connection setting; the users can easily detect its features and lots of its settings. In a way this helps save a lot of time for the programmers as they would have otherwise required spending a lot of time for configuration works. That’s not all though as the validation features are built-in with CakePHP framework and therefore using them is simple and easy. CakePHP programmer also has the freedom to use other validation rules, in addition to the existing ones.

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