Benefits of Video Streaming for Insurance

Insurance like many other industries adopts digital technologies with the aim of increasing its efficiency. Widely using digital technologies insurers attract more premium customers, optimize loss prevention, enhance customer experience, and improve the system of risks selection. Therefore, implementation of video streaming technologies in this industry is quite predictable. First of all, video streaming provides insurance agents with reliable data and live evidence that is especially important for ensuring accuracy of their operations. Keep reading and you’ll find out what other benefits video streaming brings into insurance.

Workflow optimization

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Due to their particularity, insurance companies very often experience the lack of staff. For instance, when natural disasters occur, the number of insurance agents will always be fewer than the number of claims that they can process. The owners of insurance companies can hardly solve the issue by means of an additional number of workers or temporary members of staff, as both approaches seem unprofitable in this case. First of all, the disasters like flood, hurricane, tornado, earthquake, etc. are hard to predict and prepare for them. Then, more workers mean more time needed for their training, time that is an invaluable resource in an emergency. Many companies implement video streaming technologies in order to optimize the process of claims filing. Mainly, video streaming is used for inspecting the property. Insurance agents conduct the inspection in their area of expertise. When they need an advice of the coworkers from another area they do this in real time mode by means of live video streaming. In such a way, they manage to inspect more objects in less time.

You’ve probably heard about a startup from LA called DropIn that offers insurance agencies a unique on demand live video streaming service. The solution provided by DropIn is based on drones which are equipped with cameras. This service is irreplaceable for inspecting hard-to-reach places, roofs and for property appraisals in a disaster zone. Furthermore, the company has a team of qualified drone operators, who navigate the drones on site and transmit the data to the particular insurance agency. This solution assists insurance in dealing with the claims and improving the underwriting process.

Meeting customers’ expectations

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Modern digital technologies allow insurers not only to save time on property inspection but also to improve their services at all levels. Customers of insurance companies expect high quality service as soon as possible. Thanks to rapid development and constant improvement, video streaming technologies are capable of both. With the help of video streaming, insurers better understand the subject matter of insurance and make more accurate policies. While working with reliable data, they tackle common issues like fraud or human fault and avoid many kinds of inaccuracies. Besides, many insurance companies ensure that their agents exploit video streaming technology and enable their customers to provide video evidence for some simple claims. Such company policy contributes to the overall optimization of the working process and results in the growth of customer’s satisfaction.

Improving training process

Nowadays, there is nothing easier than to use video streaming for improving onboarding process of newcomers. Insurance industry widely uses this approach for its benefit.  Instead of old school trainings, leading insurance agencies provide their new employees with real time learning experience. The whole process looks like this: senior agent conducts the inspection and streams it live for his/her junior colleague, meanwhile junior employee follows the inspection step by step, asks questions and receives answers in real time. Therefore, junior insurance agent learns faster and will be ready to join the team of experienced professionals sooner. Moreover, while following this pattern, the organizations save costs and resources.


Video streaming brings a lot of enhancement in various industries including insurance. While implementing this technology, many companies have already established a flexible and efficient working process and enjoy its benefits. Do not let these benefits pass your business by – contact us today.

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