Benefits of Setting up an Apache Virtualhost on Your Server

Apache Virtualhost

There are many benefits to installing an Apache virtual host. First of all, Apache supports far more features than most other servers, and it was one of the first actual hosting options that had appeared on the internet. It was developed in 1994, and because of its ability to run on multiple platforms, it was able to conquer a large part of the market of that time.

Of course, despite the versatility of the Apache HTTP server, when setting up a powerful virtual host, Apache is not so easy to work with. Even though it may come with many powerful features, the setup and configuration of the virtual host is still a tedious and complicated job.


This is why Letzgro has offered to provide guidance and advice on the matter, and even to perform the task for companies who may be in need of a fast and reliable virtual host.

Features of an Apache Virtualhost

>>> There are a variety of excellent features that come with using an Apache virtual host. The server provides support for the SSL and TSL security protocols, as well as for proxies.

>>> Also, there are a few very reliable authentification modules and a rewrite server, and you get common language interface support, as well as the benefit of being able to use server-side scripting.

>>> Because the Apache server is mainly used for hosting, an Apache virtual host can be a great asset when compared to other types of hosting packages, as you have greater convenience when using it. Using different scripts like AWStats to view the various Apache logs, and being able to observe the entire activity on your website at all times.

>>> Of course, in the case of using a virtual host, Apache can also offer the benefit of setting up multiple websites on the same installation, and the host can work with static as well as dynamic web content, while allowing you to transmit large amounts of data securely over the internet.

Our Apache Virtualhost Setup Services

While the setup of a virtual host is not exactly the “jurisdiction” of a web developer, our company still provides this service, because we know how important the proper setup of an Apache host can be, particularly when it comes to testing and running high load web applications.

We will both set up the server’s general configuration, and make sure that the security protocols are all in place, in order to prepare for the changes that will be brought by the installation process. Our main focus will be on solving all the various challenges that come with DNS lookups and other notorious issues that the setup process may bring about.

In spite of the fact that we offer quite an extensive level of commitment along with our services, being willing to provide advice and assistance, as well, you will find that our prices are significantly lower than those charged by most other companies.

This is not necessarily because an Apache virtual host is very easy to set up, but because we genuinely want things to go well: if our clients are happy, so are we.

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