Augmented reality marker in any area of business

The principle of creating the augmented reality lies in the definition of a real object through a camera of any gadget. To do this, the selected object must be detected in the video stream, and after this, it is possible to perform a variety of manipulation: to paint or to supplement something. There are several methods of such detection, and the augmented marker is the most common one.

Anything can be used as the AR marker: a graphic image (picture, drawing and logo of the company) or a real object (a painting, a building or a bar of chocolate). The denoted marker is recognized by the software and displayed in the form of animation or a geographic feature.

How it works


Detection of AR media marker occurs in several ways:

  • a simple marker (image);
  • markerless augmented reality;
  • simple 3D markers;
  • the combination of the marker based augmented reality to render complex objects (for example, cube, cylinder, or cuboid);
  • frame marker;
  • based on location;
  • true augmented reality.

As for simple marker symbols, there are special requirements. It must be framed by a black border (width not less than 10%). Only black and white marker is recognized. Also, it needs to be invariant to rotations, so that at any time it is possible to specify an exact rotation angle. And the form of the picture marker must be square.

Not so long ago the company Metaio has released a critical update for augmented reality marker generator. It can be used for a variety of purposes:

  • for demonstrations and presentations;
  • interfaces which do not need to be projected (instead of it you may use a white sheet of paper laid before the camera);
  • output into socialization.

The markers in the video game industry

Augmented reality marker video games

The technology of alternative reality is now widely used in the video games area. This is possible thanks to the created layout of AR marker generator with its subsequent presentation the computer on the camera. So, on the screen together with a background image appears an image of the marker. This allows the gamer to place the marker in any desired area, e.g., on the forehead, to create a mask. You can even just remove the marker, controlling the game character.

But when interacting with augmented reality using the marker is completely optional. There is a number of situations in which the virtual reality operates quite well without it.

To get access to all the latest technologies of augmented reality you can through the smartphone or the tablet. Just download to the gadget the appropriate app and augment reality through markers in practice. This allows simplify the search of necessary information greatly, and many companies use the augmented reality to attract buyers to certain events and products.

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