Augment QR code in different fields of business

The first ability to overlay a virtual layer on real objects was discovered by the military. Augmented reality technology was used for clarification of the scope during the battles against the Afghan Taliban. Only after this the marketers have stretched. But after this, it all came to a standstill.

The problem is that virtual reality works only under one condition. You have to look at the surroundings through the lens of a smartphone. But only a few people will look at the display day and night, so another form of activation needed, which QR augmented reality became. But there is also a human laziness. Not a big number of people wanted to get out of the leg for the phone because of the first mark. They will only if they meet something really worthwhile and attractive.


Therefore,  until 2010 augmented reality QR no one took seriously. Although companies continued development in this area, a massive user remained completely neutral to such studies. But when the company Quest Visual had introduced the App Store stunning Word Lens program, it became clear that augmented reality was very useful and even vital thing. Therefore after the translator appeared applications that perform such functions, which would not come to the common man mind. As an augmented reality QR code example can be an interesting program in Google Play – iOnRoad. The application continuously monitors the distance to the car ahead of traveling and as soon as the measure becomes critical, publishes joyous squeak. For this application it is not necessarily to be running all the time, it can run in the background, giving a signal only when it’s necessary.

3d models of QR code for customer attraction

QR code 3d modelAdvertising agencies are not tired of generating innovative ideas. Australian Agency Commins & Partners has found a new method to advertise the conference in Australia under the name CreativeFuel – the world’s first QR code 3d model created with the help of crowdsourcing. The main aspect of this project consisted in the fact that previously no one had invented anything alike. During the development of CreativeFuel creative team most of the time had spent on the creation of thematic video than on the implementation of the plan. Commins & Partners describes its novelty as the most innovative  technology in the world that allows the creative community of Australian to interact with technology in a tangible way through direct human interaction with the robot.

How does it work on cellphones and tablets

Augment QR code for smartphoneThe basic idea of augment app with QR code is to look at the surrounding reality through the camera of the tablet or the smartphone, the user can see the real picture, augmented with a variety of background information. This contributes to an improved perception and study of the world. For example, by steering the camera of iPhone at the picture you can see the name of its author, the story of creation, and even make a purchase of the original.

There are a lot of fields where augmented reality and programs that use this concept can be applied. Moreover, all of them are available on the apps markets for Android and iOS almost for free. QR codes are the easiest example of augmented reality. They are two-dimensional barcodes which at one time were created by the Japanese to read the data on goods in warehouses.

Unlike the usual one-dimensional barcodes, generated QR code can encode much more information.

For example, it can be useful to encode and scan:

  • text article,
  • electronic business card
  • website link.

This remarkable property of QR codes determines their fate, providing ubiquitous. They are easy to use in tourism. It’s enough to scan encryption, posted on the site for easy navigation of the unfamiliar areas. As we can admit, the possibilities of AR QR code are impressive today. Especially if you view it on the big screen of the tablet. The accuracy and variety of information depend mostly on the popularity of the technology and the users and companies are involved in the creation of new maps and information layers. Opportunities of AR are impressive, perhaps, further growth of this technology will radically change the perception of reality.

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