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The development of artificial intelligence gathers pace. Every day you can read some new information about chatbots, voice recognition, virtual assistants, robots, etc. Moreover, all big companies stake on AI. More artificial intelligence software get on your phones and computers. However, are these technologies worth the money you pay?

What’s Going On in AI Sphere?

Though many scientists, professors, and entrepreneurs talk about how dangerous artificial intelligence can be, AI is still in the focus of Google, Facebook, Microsoft, and other companies. The main functions of AI now are as following:

  1. Natural language recognition
  2. Searching for information
  3. Providing recommendations
  4. Identifying objects and faces on photos

These functions don’t seem to be a threat to humanity. They help people make their work more productive and enjoyable. That’s why so many AI software projects are under development – technology companies invest in AI research and development huge sums of money.

IBM amazes everyone with Watson’s cognitive computing. Watson APIs, Watson Marketplace, and SystemML are the projects to read about. Google doesn’t fall behind, surprising the world with its open-source artificial intelligence project TensorFlow, Cloud Machine Learning, a startup DeepMind, and the technology RankBrain.

Here are types of artificial intelligence software you may use for boosting your business.

An early version of TensorFlow, the neural network software, has already been released. Though this software won’t have capabilities for carrying out such difficult tasks as sentence structure comprehension, TensorFlow will be able to recognize subjects on photos, teach a smartphone how some objects look like, etc. This is a great option for many devices. That’s why artificial intelligence fans are looking forward to it.

Microsoft is working on Cortana development, CNTK, Cognitive Services, the project Malmo, Tay, and Distributed Machine Learning Toolkit. Facebook has taken artificial intelligence seriously. Analyzing the high demand on chatting apps, Facebook is working on chatbots. is its main project related to artificial intelligence software. Amazon also knows how to use machine learning. Beside Amazon Machine Learning, the company focuses on Alexa development. What are Apple’s plans?

Here are types of artificial intelligence software you may use for boosting your business.

As Apple executives state, the artificial intelligence theme will run like a golden thread through almost all iOS 10 features. Deep learning and facial recognition will completely change the way you use the Photos app. With more than 11 billion computations behind one photo, Apple is going to run the AI factory on every device.

The Condition of AI Software in one Example

One of the most advertised artificial intelligence software for a computer is Brain Artificial that is also called Braina. Braina is a virtual assistant, an automation software for Windows PC. Though this assistant has a human language interface and allows you to control a machine with voice commands, it’s different from Siri and Cortana. Braina has many great features:

1. Learning

Beside understanding what you are talking, Braina can also learn from the information you provide it with. You may dictate to Briana things you want this artificial software to remember. Later, you’ll easily get access to this data by simply asking the machine.

2. Dictation

This AI computer software uses speech recognition for converting user’s voice into text. Supporting 40 languages, Briana may be used by people from different countries. You can use it even if English isn’t your native language.

3. Voice commands

You may use Briana for business. However, you should also use it for fun. With voice commands, you can easily search songs and videos you need on sites or local drives. In the same way, you can search the needed information, browse dictionaries, open all types of files and programs. Customized voice commands and replies make your productivity even higher.

Here are types of artificial intelligence software you may use for boosting your business.

4. Wireless control

If you’ve got an Android device, you may control Briana with a help of it. No need to spend the whole day in front of the computer. Use the app for wireless control.

5. Text to speech

This AI for PC can read texts for you. Your emails, page content, or books may be read aloud naturally. Everything you have to do is to select a voice and a speed of reading.

It won’t be right to say that Braina is the best artificial intelligence software. Nevertheless, the reviews of users seem to be mostly positive. Users like that this program is practical and functional. Many still write about the excessive design simplicity. Besides, if you aren’t into Windows, this interactive AI program won’t be helpful for you. To my mind, Braina can illustrate the general condition of AI software. Programs aren’t perfect. They can carry out a limited number of tasks. However, this progress may already be used by everyone who wants to make one’s work more productive.

Other artificial intelligence talking software include Cortana, Siri, Google Now, and a bunch of less popular virtual personal assistants. Developers build effective assistant apps. Companies offer open source frameworks and platforms for AI development. There are still many gaps to fill. Many researches need to be carried out. However, there is already some artificial intelligence software you can try out.

If you want to use artificial intelligence software in your business, you should contact a professional software outsourcing company that will build the AI you need according to your requirements. At Letzgro, we monitor AI news, using the latest technologies to make our work even more productive and our clients more successful. Ready to find out more?

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