Artificial Intelligence Programs That Really Work

Though scientists are talking about the increasing rates of artificial intelligence development, there are no artificial intelligence programs that are worth being named ASI or even AGI. However, understanding the power of trying, the most progressive companies and most reputable universities are working on making ASI a reality. There are achievements you already may use in your business.

Machine Learning

SplitUp is the system that predicts the outcome of one’s case after analyzing the case and previous rulings. Taking into account the laws concerning law distribution after divorce, the system turns out to be a great assistance for lawyers, mediators, and judges. This artificial intelligence program works on rule-based reasoning plus neural network theory combination basis.

To put it simply, according to the rule-based reasoning, there are strict parameters to follow:
If < condition > then < action >. Neural networks learn how to make decisions. They take into consideration different factors and then provide predictions. SplitUp simplifies the property will distribution, identifying the assets of the marriage, and establishing the percentage of the common pool they receive. Using statistical techniques, this artificial intelligence program makes the difference in the legal sphere.

Another interesting artificial intelligence program is GetAid. This program allows customers check whether they can get legal aid. Assessing one’s financial status and the possibility to get aid usually takes a lot of time and money. Though only lawyers and mediators can use the program, clients are the people who benefit from GetAid. This artificial intelligence program allows them avoid wasting time on going to court with a case that won’t succeed.

These two artificial intelligence programs use expert systems and machine learning. Expert systems are the combination of rules offered by experts of a certain sphere. The machine learning may be explained as the ability of a machine to make decisions taking into account its experience and previous cases samples. These systems won’t take over lawyers and judges’ jobs. But they will definitely make the legal advice more readily available and rulings more consistent.

Ross is a new artificially intelligent lawyer that saves the time people may spend on legal research. The program uses IBM Watson’s voice recognition app and machine learning. Yes, developers are now making AI that helps people in real-life situations. Ross listens to the user’s question, searches the database for legal documents that suit this situation, and provides the user with the answer and its confidence rating.

These artificial intelligence programs really work.

Ross became what it is now after analyzing thousands of legal documents, working with law taxonomies and ontologies, using Q&A APIs. Now Ross is used for stopping legal grunt work outsourcing and making the legal research easier. According to statistics, law firms spend almost $10 billion on research per year. Thus, artificial intelligence programs may save a lot of money.

Language Recognition

If you are still wondering whether it’s possible to build clever AI, you’d better start thinking how to do that. How to make artificial intelligence program that will recognize handwritten characters? Scientists have already done that. This new artificial intelligence program uses deep learning algorithms for characters recognition. Besides, it uses the Bayesian program learning framework. It works in the way similar to algorithms adults use for reading new characters. Less data – more results.

These artificial intelligence programs really work.

Facebook has created DeepText, the learning-based platform for text understanding. Working in more than 20 languages, DeepText reads thousands of posts per second. It helps developers filter out spam and allow clients use content more effectively. This artificial intelligence program uses deep learning that serves as a good framework for using small labeled data sets.

DeepText is created with a help of Torch and FbLearner Flow. In future, developers plan to use DeepText for finding and recommending content certain users will like most of all. They will continue working on deep neural network architecture and visual content understanding. Future must be awesome!

Speech Recognition

Is it possible to code artificial intelligence speech recognition program? Of course, yes. The top 3 best AI in this sphere feature Windows Speech Recognition application, Google Voice Search, Dragon NaturallySpeaking. Some users also suggest TalkTyper and Tazti. Some of these programs are more powerful than others. However, there is still no program that will allow you easily dictate long sentences without the need to edit them and spend even more time than you would have spent without artificial intelligence programs.

These artificial intelligence programs really work.

Nevertheless, if you are searching for how to create artificial intelligence program with speech recognition features, here is a list of tools that will help you:

  • PocketSphinx for keyword recognition
  • Project Oxford as a powerful speech-to-text engine
  • Alexa Voice Service as a cool cloud speech recognition service by Amazon
  • Google Voice Interaction API
  • IBM Watson’s speech-to-text and text-to-speech features
  • Nuance for mobile speech recognition
  • Sensory

Image Recognition

Image recognition is used by many companies for finding out how people are talking about them. For example, if there is an Instagram user that gets tons of likes for one’s coffee photos, a coffee producer or a cafe may contact this influencer and use one’s skills for developing their businesses. With more than 1.8 billion images shared on social networks every day, image recognition becomes a must for every company. It may be used effectively by marketing teams for checking the effect of their efforts. For example, there are situations when celebrities talk about a certain brand or post its photos without mentioning the brand name itself or tagging it. Image recognition becomes a game changer in such cases.

These artificial intelligence programs really work.

Another interesting image recognition example is IBM Watson’s visual recognition feature. The service automatically identifies objects and classifies them into 3 logical categories. This service will be useful if you need to analyze big masses of information in a short period of time.

Dulight device uses image recognition for medical reasons. It’s a small wearable camera that can identify different objects helping visually-impaired people find the way. Another great example of artificial intelligence program is Panasonic’s refrigerator that uses image recognition for checking what food has gone bad.

At Letzgro, we build artificial intelligence programs with different features: image recognition, voice recognition, machine learning, etc. Choose the sphere you need to develop and contact us for detailed information. Always ready to help. Your friends at Letzgro.

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