Are You Leveraging the Right Mobile Tools For Your Business?

There are currently more than 1 billion smartphones in use worldwide, 24 per cent of total website traffic comes from mobile devices, and global expenditure on mobile ads has exceeded $5 billion.
“Mobile will be the prime source to access information globally within the next couple of years,” says Karim Temsamani, VP of Global Mobile at Google, “and we see that the mobile web is growing eight times faster than the desktop web was 10 years ago.”


Mobile technology has clearly transformed from a digital trend to a full-blown revolution in recent years, and business owners are recognizing it as a pivotal business tool. While the value and need for mobile in becoming more apparent, many of them are lost as to where they should be spending their dollars. Mobile applications can become costly, especially for startups and SMEs with less access to capital. Here’s a breakdown of different mobile options and what they can offer your business:

Native Mobile Applications

A native mobile application is built to operate on a specific mobile platform, such as Android, iOS, BlackBerry, or Windows. Users download these apps to access and interact with information about your brand or product. Faster load times and offline access help develop a more immersive brand experience for your consumer.

Native mobile apps can be expensive, and may not be necessary for your business model. It all comes down to your target market – where they are located (if they are dispersed or localized) and what they are looking for (the robustness of information and functionality). In an article, social media journalist Lou Dubois says if you develop a native app, it should either make life easier, make life cheaper, or make life more fun.

Responsive Websites

Nothing is worse than investing time and effort into a site that will look sloppy on a smartphone. New mobile devices are constantly being developed, and building a responsive website that is viewable on all these different devices is the most basic and cost-effective way to go mobile. According to this infographic, online shopping, search, and entertainment services are still accessed predominantly through mobile browsers as opposed to mobile apps. If you are looking for basic functionality on a limited budget, this is the right choice for your business.

Hybrid and HTML5 Applications

HTML5 apps are great options if you want to build apps for multiple devices quickly without breaking the bank. The development cycle for these apps is accelerated and less complex, but it also is limited in its ability access to device functionalities like geolocation, accelerometer, and camera.

Another option that is gaining some traction with businesses is hybrid apps, which allow developers to embed HTML5 apps in basic native containers that can be easily customized for a specific device or platform

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