[Quiz] Everything You Wanted to Know About Facebook Messenger Bots

In 2004, Zuckerberg created Facebook as a social network system for fellow students from Harvard university. At that time nobody could imagine that in 12 years there would be more than 1.5 billion monthly active users. The same may happen to Facebook Messenger bots the building of which has been announced in spring. What are the main reasons for doing that? How can you benefit from these bots? Find out more in this article.

Here are main points you need to know about Facebook Messenger bots.

Why does Facebook launch bots campaign?

What do you do in your free time? Do you go out, read books, go to the cinema, or continue working hard? All of these activities may be done with a help of your phone or they are closely connected with it.

When going out, you take selfies and post on FB and IG photos of you hanging out with friends. You use your phone for reading books and watching videos. You use it for chatting with colleagues, taking part in video calls, and sharing your docs. People use phones so often that this problem has become the main idea of many funny videos. However, while we laugh watching “Instagram husband” video or reading articles about people leaving their cars with running motors to just capture a Pokemon, we should think of how to use these facts in our business.

Let’s have a look at Facebook history. Messenger was launched in 2011. With 900 million active users, more than 9 billion photos are sent through Messenger monthly. Besides, 72% of Messenger users purchase products online. Thus, it’s obvious why Facebook is launching a Messenger Platform that allows developers create bots that can reach 900 million users.

Facebook Messenger bots are here to boost your business.

Why are chatbots important for your business?

Bots instead of HR

The great thing about Facebook Messenger bots is that they don’t have vacations and days off. There are many potential clients who want to leave a feedback on Saturday or Sunday. If they can’t do that, it’s a problem. If they still leave their feedbacks and questions, answering them 2 days after may be late. Customers may have already got the needed answers from your competitors. With chatbots, such things don’t happen. If they are programmed to answer questions of clients, they do it full time – 24/7 seven days per week.

Some companies are already using chatbots for some tasks in HR. Q&A chatbots are becoming more and more popular in recruiting sphere. There are many reasons for that. First of all, chatbots can provide immediate answers to thousands of potential applicants. Secondly, chatbots answer questions accurately, providing different multimedia. Thirdly, such conversational approach makes applicants feel closer to the company. Of course, you may value the fact that with such bots you don’t have to spend so much money as you would have to spend on HR.

Bots can also make the onboarding process easier. Providing new workers with links to the needed docs, answering all types of questions, and guiding the process of filling in some legal forms, bots do a great job as they provide HRs with free time for fulfilling other important tasks.

Messenger bots in e-commerce

If your business is connected with e-commerce, it’s high time you started thinking about using Facebook chatbots. The advantages of using Facebook bot apps in this sphere are like in business are HR: saving time, saving money, improving the brand look, enhancing the friendly communication with clients, etc. Moreover, using chatbots in this sphere is almost obligatory for boosting your business. Taking into account statistics concerning people using smartphones for online shopping, reasons become obvious.

Facebook Messenger bots may be everything you need.

Chatbots for business

As business may include e-commerce and HR, you already know the main advantages of using Facebook Messenger bots in your business. Here is one more reason – you have to keep up with the times. All major companies are already using chatbots or working on installing these AI services on their websites. Have you seen Airbnb’s Aerosolve of Personal Shopper by The North Face? These are the companies that make the difference. Don’t fall behind.

What are the best examples of using Facebook chatbots?

Ok, enough information. You must want to read real examples of using Facebook Messenger bots in business. What companies have already used automated responses and messaging? There are many of them. Here is a list of activities you can do via messages.

Order flower gifts from 1-800-Flowers, get the breaking news from CNN and Wall Street Journal, get trusted answers to some health-related questions with HealthTap, print out some photos and docs with a help of HP Print Bot, let Poncho save your getting soaked in the rain, get ready for your flight with KLM, etc. These are bots created on the basis of Facebook Messenger. Soon there will be more of them. Visit our blog more often to find out more info about Facebook Messenger bots that are coming out soon.

There are already many companies using Facebook Messenger bots successfully.

How do these companies build chatbots?

If you wonder how to create Facebook chatbots, don’t worry. It’s not difficult. Facebook provides developers with a chatbot platform. Creating chatbots for Facebook is easy as there are many tools making the development experience better. Developers may use such services as wit.ai Bot Engine, Web plugins, Zendesk, Shopify, and Twilio. Access to Messenger Codes, Links, Usernames and Web plugins is another great feature.

Have you got more questions on how to build Facebook Messenger bots? You can find answers to them on our blog. You may also ask them right not – just contact us. Looking forward to boosting your business with a help of new AI, Facebook Messenger bots.
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