7 Simple Rules for Hiring Great Developers, Yahoo turns on secure search for its U.S. home page, Apple aims to target ads based on your mood!

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  • Apple aims to target ads based on your mood
  • Yahoo turns on secure search for its U.S. home page
  • 7 simple rules for hiring great developers

Apple aims to target adds based on your mood

Tired of being inundated with irrelevant online adds?  Apple has a new twist in mind, assuming you’re in the mood.

“Inferring user mood based on user and group characteristic data,” an Apple patent application published Thursday by the US Patent and Trademark Office, describes a system that would try to gauge some of your physical and behavioral facets to serve up ads that may better appeal to you. Read more…


Yahoo turns on secure search for its U.S. home page

Yahoo has made secure searching the default option for its home page. That means that, just like Google’s searches, Yahoo’s searches automatically go through a secure server.

Users can tell the feature is on if they see “https” in the browser instead of the standard “http.” The change helps to prevent an outside party from snooping on a user’s searches. For now, the change seems to apply only to the United States home pages, and not other sites, like the German or Japanese versions. Read more…

7 Simple Rules for Hiring Great Developers

“Engineers are king right now,” notes Sam Schillace, senior vice president of engineering at cloud storage and collaboration company Box. “Coders are superimportant to everyone.”

With an unemployment rate roughly half the national average, software engineers can write their tickets and demand generous salaries and legendary perks — and big tech companies are more than happy to provide them. Read more…

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