5 things most architectural software solutions are missing. Are you on that list?

The field of architecture is extremely fluid. What was the right way to do something a year ago might not be the best way any longer.

[quote]If you were to line up all the Architects in the world end to end they would circle the globe 17.45 times. Architectural firms would then lay-off 202,175 interns to scale down the distance to an even 17 times around the globe. [/quote]


The architect is left - handed

That means that architecture is not just about designing buildings anymore. It’s a kind of creative vision and effective business management. Many successful architects know how important it is to work in a calm environment and with reliable technology. Nowadays, new methods and materials revolutionize the creative process. But nothing is ideal. Internal workflow systems still have a lot of imperfections especially when it comes to managing all your clients’ expectations, combining plans, viewing meetings with staff, hiring the right subcontractors, providing tasks for interns, dealing with invoices and estimates. Using too many programs can be overwhelming. And most of you are doing just that. People are increasingly turning to custom software development to solve their problems.


It’s time to dust off old manuscripts. Simplicity is the hardest thing to do (architects usually say). But it’s not impossible.

So here are 5 things that could turn your work process into a success gold mine:

1. True online planning room Private or conference room for meetings with your clients or your crew where you can share comments or make corrections in real time. Free take off, print or download.

2. Integrated Quick books Send it directly to your customer by email. Bookkeeping gets much easier when you have your billing, payrolls, payments, invoices and points of sale in one safe place.

3. Archiving. Advanced Sorting and Filtering Easy access to relevant data. Store your outdated information. Allows you create custom categories. Sort by trade, location, union status, zip code or areas code.

4. Effective CRM Import/add contacts, allow clients to update their contact or qualification information. Stay in touch with your customers with no effort.

5. Smartphone version Upscale iOS mobile platform or Android development. Architectures are on a relentless move so save your time and take it with you wherever you go. Keep up to date all your messages and notifications.

I think they have a two-fold benefit: your own interests gain traction and your horizons are infinitely expanded. Dream big but act strategically. Put your brandmark ability to create strong starts on full display with the new architectural software.

Solving problems – sometimes incredibly mundane and uninspired – yet very significant problems to the people who retain your services.

Architecture is not a trade, it’s a craft so the more you put yourself in the spotlight by promoting your own agenda and making your individualistic print, the larger your world becomes. Letzgro is working hard to keep a big-picture perspective. By focusing on the uber-reality of any given situation, we can find practical solutions, daily positive affirmation. You are more likely to take supported, directed action when working in collaboration with a complementary team ready to tackle all your needs by providing a single solution that fits you and your specific needs just right.

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