5 Reasons to Choose Ubuntu as a Platform for Your Streaming Server

While the development of video technology is gathering speed, the competition among platforms is high, as each of them wants to provide the best environment for video streaming experience. Ubuntu, in its turn, also offers its users free and easy solutions for streaming. There are several reasons why streaming on Ubuntu is so popular.

  1. This OS is well-known for being the most user-friendly version of Linux, as it has simple for comprehension GUI, even a beginner can deal with.
  2. Ubuntu is based on the infrastructure of Debian and has similar architecture. It has various package management tools suitable for both Debian and Ubuntu, which assist in the process of coordinating software in the system. Furthermore, there are many tools for system development and different open source programs which can be used on Ubuntu. According to this, you can build a perfect system which meets all your requirements.
  3. Ubuntu has a big community of its users. Therefore, they can solve even the most complicated issues while using general support network, Ubuntu forums or just asking Ubuntu.
  4. One more remarkable feature of this OS is LTS – long term support. It implies that if you use LTS release of Ubuntu system you do not need to upgrade it regularly. For Ubuntu 12.04 LTS and later versions users receive five years support. It refers to Ubuntu (Desktop) and Ubuntu Server as well. In such a way, with LTS you have security updates available during longer time range. However, the most appealing thing about upgrading your Ubuntu OS is that it is completely free. Ubuntu offers its users a no-cost way to upgrade a current OS or to move to LTS version.
  5. Ubuntu users also benefit a lot from the high security level provided by this OS. Like any other Linux OS, Ubuntu is not prone to be affected by viruses. By the way, the system updates on its own and scans your PC for viruses automatically.

Video streaming on Ubuntu

All these abovementioned features, probably, made you interested in how they can be applied to the process of video streaming on Ubuntu. Let’s review some ways of setting up stream on Ubuntu and see what options in terms of software we have here. With the purpose of making your own video streaming server on Ubuntu, you can use Ubuntu Desktop or lighter versions such as Xubuntu and Debian. The most recommended one is Ubuntu Server, as this operation system is oriented on server functionality. However, make sure first that you can work fine with the command line before installing Ubuntu Server.


server for video stream

Among many servers available for video streaming on Ubuntu, the preferable one is Plex media server. The workflow of setting up this software is not complicated. You need to create an account on the Plex website and just install Plex media server free of charge. When the installation process is over, you can add your media to the streaming server and organize media library correctly. Managing your media files with Plex will become a real pleasure for you. This media server has several standard folders where you can add media due to its type. Besides, by means of server id, you can manage the media from any device. Once, your media is organized you can start streaming. The simplest way to do this is to go to Preferences, select MyPlex and then set up your account from Media Manager interface. When your account is ready, install Plex into other devices which will be involved in streaming. Later on, if you sign in to MyPlex account from any of those devices, you’ll access your media files and will be able to initiate video streaming.

MediaTomb UPnP Media Server

Media Tomb server

Another solution for live video streaming on Ubuntu is MediaTomb. This is a free UPnP media server which will surprise you with its exquisite user interface and a tree view of the media system. With the help of this streaming server on Ubuntu, you can stream any of your media files to the devices which sustain UPnP. Download and install MediaTomb server, now MediaTomb 0.12.1is available. However, be ready that you might need to edit the configuration file of streaming server depending on a UPnP client which you’ll choose for playing media. This server uses a web interface for managing your media data, in order to access it go to http://localhost:49152 from any of your browsers. MediaTomb streaming server uses 49152 port by default, so specify it or any other port if you’ve changed configuration file of the server before. After installing this video streaming server via Ubuntu repositories, you’ll get the launcher, which opens the interface in the browser, added into Applications section. There is nothing easier than to start streaming with MediaTomb server. Simply, open the web interface of your server, then select Filesystem option which will direct you to the folder with your media. When you’ve found the right file, you need to click on plus and enable it for sharing with others.

PS3 Media Server

Also, you can use PS3 Media Server as your live video streaming server on Ubuntu. For this streaming server, you’ll need Ubuntu 10.04 LTS (Lucid) or any other higher version. Initially, PS3 Media Server was developed for the PlayStation 3. Nevertheless, now it works on Xbox360, Popcorn Hour, Freebox HD, Sony, Samsung and many other devices. The most appealing feature of PS3 Media Server is its capability of streaming various types of media files without complex configuration, which makes it even more popular among Ubuntu users. For installing this streaming server, it’s recommended to use package management tools and these commands.


That is it, you do not need to install any other software or update PS3 Media Server manually. However, remember about restarting the server after each update. Next steps are quite predictable. After the successful installation process, you open PS3 Media Server and add your media files. In order to do this, go to Navigation/Share Settings tab. As it’s a UPnP streamer, you won’t have any issues with navigation. Once you’ve selected the file that you need, you can easily start broadcasting.

Hopefully, now you are more familiar with peculiarities of making streaming server on Ubuntu. Let’s stay in touch and we’ll keep you up-to-date with recent innovations in the sphere of video streaming.

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