5 Outstanding Healthcare Apps

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Patient with diabetes can independently use smartphones to monitor the level of sugar in their blood, and doctors can fetch out their tablets to scan an X-rays or perform ultrasounds and electrocardiograms.

Those options are just the tip of the iceberg in the upcoming mobile healthcare revolution or so called “apps” made especially to use on mobile phones or tablets. According to the market research by Kalorama Information, the mobile app market is anticipated to grow annually by 25 percent for 5 years and expected to exceed $8 billion in 2018. So Healthcare App development is about to put this productivity-producing phase to good use.

There are 5,820 medical, fitness and health apps available on the smartphone market today. Such apps can empower patients to be engaged in their health care. Here are some popular types of applications:

  • Cardio fitness apps
  • Diet apps
  • Stress apps
  • Women’s health apps
  • Mental health apps
  • Strength training apps
  • Calculator apps
  • Chronic condition apps
  • Sleep apps
  • Emergency cares apps
  • Medication adherence apps

Take a look at the 5 developed healthcare apps featured below that stand out from the crowd:

1. Draw MD

Healthcare App

Allows physicians to show patients what surgical or other procedure will occur. It provides nine interactive diagrams in different specialties, so the doctor has all kind of tools to explain a complex surgical procedure. DrawMD’s categories include anesthesiology, critical care, cardiology, otolaryngology, female pelvic surgery, general and vascular surgery, orthopedics, and urology.

2. QxMD Read>

Healthcare Apps

For doctors who need to stay up to date on new med technologies, discover new reviews, and search PubMed for a variety of topics. Get full PDF text and share new articles and latest updates over email, Facebook, and Twitter. Significantly improving physicians practice.

3. MIM Mobile

Healthcare Applications

One of the first health apps that received FDA clearance. Used for medical professionals to transmit X-rays or ultrasound pictures to the remote diagnostic mobile station. All information is encrypted to transfer and storage (HIPPA compliance).

4. FitStar

Healthcare Apps development

Works on iPads, iPhones, and Androids. Specifically designed by healthcare apps developers for those who doesn’t have time for gym training. Your personal guide to customized exercises is based on your physical info for one of the interactive coaches creating a daily routine that is easy to follow. Every workout is challenging but not overwhelming. It was created by former NFL star Tony Gonzales and so far is the best fitness app of 2015.

5. Visible Body

Healthcare Applications developers width=

Human Anatomy Atlas performs all spectrum of useful information to the students, interns, doctors, and patients. Amazing 3-D models of more than 2,500 individual structures, body systems, and organs. Cover undergraduate level anatomy and physiology courses. This Healthcare App is Available for iPad, iPhone, and Android.

After all

As we can see, healthcare apps can be tremendously important to our society these days. Developers are thinking big and thinking collectively, so they can gain traction on a wider health and medical tech platform. It’s a new message to spread, outsource and delegate to people who specialize in these facets. There have been a lot of innovations in the apps industry for the last two years, especially if it comes to cooperation and integration with prominent social media. The new segment of consumers in this category are fitness fanatics, who are compiled into the main users group. The other changing point in fitness is wearable devices that help to track food, exercise, heart rate and other critical vital signs. Many analysts predict health and fitness apps as the killer category for the wearables market.

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