[Quiz] 5 Most Popular Questions about Watson Technology

IBM Watson is always on the list of the most progressive companies bringing AI into this world. You can find the detailed information about Watson technology on IBM website. Or you may simply read this article featuring main features of this service, functions, and areas of use.

What features does IBM Watson have?

This is a cognitive technology that can understand natural language. It pays attention to evidence and processes information. While working, Watson technology also learns. This process of getting smarter every moment is one of its best advantages. Its main features include natural language recognition, dynamic learning, advanced unstructured data analysis, and hypothesis generation.

This is everything you need to know about IBM Watson technology.

How does this technology work?

Before answering any questions Watson learns the subject. It analyzes all the documents, PDFs, and web pages related to this subject. Then it collects evidence and rates their quality according to the scoring algorithm. Then it chooses the appropriate ones, taking into account the ranks of all possible answers. Developers have done a great job, haven’t they?

In what spheres can I use Watson technology?

IBM Watson is an artificial intelligence that may be used effectively in different spheres: healthcare, finance, education, retail, legal, etc. Due to the effective work of cognitive computing tools, Watson software helps humans around the world, improving the healthcare. As for the financial sector, Watson technology provides financial guidance. Its reports allow managing all financial risks.

And, of course, there are businesses. There is a whole Watson ecosystem created for helping entrepreneurs and businesses use Watson capabilities. Partnering with IBM, companies may create great apps that will boost their businesses.

What are the best examples of businesses using IBM Watson?

Sofie is an intelligent support tool created by IBM and LifeLearn. Sophie is a great help for veterinarians as it helps to make a diagnose and a treatment plan. It is beneficial for training veterinarians and improving the patient care in general.

Here is an example of using Watson technology in business.

Mears Group, a housing and social care provider, used IBM Watson for analyzing safety reports. Having more than 700,00 clients and 20,000 employees, Mears Group found it more than useful to delegate part of the work with a database to the cognitive technology.

Citigroup, the multifunctional banking company, used IBM Watson for analyzing gigabytes of information including feedbacks and clients interaction. The reports were used for improving communication with clients.

Collaboration with Sesame Workshop is a good example of using Watson technology for making this world better. The main goal of this partnership is to improve the childhood education. Learning from huge amounts of data, Watson delivers educational products and systems according to the aptitude level every child has.

What’s the future of IBM Watson?

In the interview for Forbes, Michael Rhodin, Senior Vice President states that the combination of humans and such systems as IBM will solve problems in fields that have been stagnant for a long time. The company is going to enhance and expand the platform. IBM will also add new modalities and languages. Here is what Michael Rhodin says:
Michael Rhodin says about the future of IBM.

Now you know how IBM Watson works and have some ideas on how you can use it. The last question you may have is concerning the name of technology. Why is it called Watson? Because of IBM’s founder, Thomas J. Watson who was company’s CEO and chairman for 42 years.

If you’ve got any other questions, visit our blog to find answers to them. Feel free to contact us. Remember that this is the era for using AI in your business. For example, think about ways to use IBM’s natural language recognition in your business. Ready to provide you with some tips.
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