[Quiz] 4 Most Popular Questions Every Successful Entrepreneur Asks About Website Bots

While your productivity lowers down because of constant thoughts about summer vacations, your business may still be working effectively. How is that possible? The answer is simple. You should assign some of your routine tasks to someone else. However, there are not so many volunteers willing to take upon themselves such tasks. Except one. A chatbot.

I’m not going to bother you with code, chatbot characteristics, and untruthful praise. Everything you need is a detailed information on how to create a bot for a website, reasons for doing that, and benefits of having a website chatbot. Let’s start.

What’s a chatbot?

Let’s put it simply, a bot is a service that makes lives easier. It’s a service that brings you closer to the future depicted in many sci-fi movies. A bot may be powered by rules or by AI. It may simply follow your commands or follow them and learn from its own experience. A bot assists in different tasks interacting with you via a chat. That’s why it’s often called a chatbot.

There are already many cool bots you may try out: Hi Poncho, X.ai, Xiaoice, etc. Check out such websites as Cleverbot, Eviebot, and Boibot. You should also talk to Rose, a product of the collaboration of UBS, T Brand Studio, and The New York Times.

This is a great example of the effective website bot.

From my experience of communicating with Rose, Rose is a 32-year-old woman who likes building robots, jogging, and playing ARG’s. Her favorite children’s book is The Little Prince. She seems to talk like a real person. Rose is confident and independent. Of course, this bot isn’t perfect. When Rose doesn’t understand questions, she just offers you to talk about something else, starts asking about AI, or says “Good”. However, I’m not surprised that Rose is an award-winning chatbot. Talking to her is engaging and life-like.


This is a great example of the effective website bot.


What websites need bots?

What will you say if the answer is every website. Yes, every website may need a chatbot. Hard to believe? Let’s have a look at the statistics.

86% of millennials own a smartphone. 83% of them text more often than they talk on the phone. If you go out and just look around, you’ll think that these numbers are even diminished. There is something common for people crossing the road, having a cup of tea at the cafe terrace, or taking the subway. All of them are focused on their phones. Yes, you already know about it. And no, it’s not only because of Pokemon Go.

This is why people enjoy using website bots.

Of course, you may say that you don’t care about millennials and don’t want to build your business according to their preferences. Here is a thing. If you were born during the period from 1982 to 2005, you’re a millennial. Congratulations! If not, your clients probably are. They spend a lot and they do it via smartphones.

41% of millennials have already made a purchase via smartphone. 63% of them find out about new brands through social media. 43% of millennials have already liked at least 20 brands on FB. Ok, enough numbers. So now you understand that people just love using their phones for everything. Let’s analyze your average day. I’ll get one point for every truthful statement.

Here is why you should build a website bot now,

You get up and the first thing you look at is your phone. You check your mailbox, FB feed, IG account, and Twitter. You have breakfast watching videos of your favorite YouTubers. You go to work where you prefer chatting via Messenger and Slack to real conversations. You have dinner and use FaceTime for calling your best friend. You continue working using your phone for checking emails, social network feeds, and choosing a new outfit on the website of your favorite brand. You come home, have dinner, and go to bed. You scroll the feed and tell yourself to go to sleep. During the whole day, you chat with your friends on the phone, using emojis and sending photos. Even if this example doesn’t describe your typical day, it still suits for millions of people around the world. It’s a new way of life. So you should definitely use it in business.

Chatbots may become a new boom. Something like the Internet or Facebook. As messaging apps become wildly popular, entrepreneurs should think about it now and create new ways for using this in business wisely.

What things can you get from a website that talks back to you? You may have a lot of fun chatting with it. You may book a ticket, find out the weather forecast, check whether there is your size of certain boots without scrolling down the website and checking different categories. There are many things a bot may help your clients with. Just think about them. Or contact us. We’ll help you find the niche.

What are the main benefits of using chatbots?

Chatbots are trending

Taking into account all the statistics concerning the time people spend on their phones and the development of conversational commerce, it’s easy to understand why chatbots are trending. That’s why Facebook, Kik, Slack, Telegram, and other platforms provide developers with so many possibilities to code chatbots.

This is why you need a website bot now.

People enjoy using chatbots

64% of your customers prefer texting to calling your business. They like the idea of chatting with an AI. Moreover, they enjoy the self-service. According to Zendesk, 50% of people want to solve problems themselves without relying on customer support. So what’s a conclusion? Chatbots are needed!

Chatbots are cheap and clever

If you compare live customer support and bots, you understand that using chatbots will be more effective for your business. You don’t have to pay salaries. You don’t have to deal with the human factor. You have bots that function in the way you want them to, providing users with the needed info, links, products, etc.

Chatbots don’t have vacations

This service is always online. Whether your customers want to buy something at 2 a.m or on a Sunday afternoon, they will always be satisfied. No more automated responses that don’t have any effect. No more contact forms on a website. The sooner your clients get the answers, the better will be the results.

Communication with bots isn’t much different than chatting with a real person

There is no need to worry that clients will feel uncomfortable talking to a chatbot. Developers may build a website chatbot that talks like a real person: has its own personality, uses slang and jokes, refers to your brand with “I” and “we”, takes some pauses, etc.

That's why people start using website bots.

How to build a bot?

When you have read about awesome features bots have, you’re probably wondering how to make a website bot. There are four steps you need to take:
1. Choose the problem your bot is going to solve (like ordering food, forecasting the weather, consulting, etc.)
2. Choose the platform for building a bot (Slack, Facebook, Discord, Telegram, Kik)
3. Set up the server for your bot
4. Think what service to use for building a bot (wit.ai, api.ai, textit.in, IBM Watson, converse.ai, etc.)

However, you may also take only one step – contact us. A professional software development company will provide you with scenarios for using a bot in your business. You won’t have to worry about such things as server, platform, and chatbots integration. You won’t get any spam. We offer services of high quality, build awesome applications, and make sure that clients are satisfied.

Nevertheless, the four steps mentioned above will suit everyone wondering how to make a bot for a website and how to integrate it into a social network. If you need more information about that, read posts here and here. Or just contact us. We’ll send you all the needed info for using chatbots in your business. It’s time to be successful. Join us!
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