3 Cloud Computing Myths Debunked, Cisco expands security solutions, SQL Server 2014

3 Cloud Computing Myths Debunked

In the few short years since it exploded onto the tech scene, it’s become an integral part of lives and businesses around the globe. But despite its ubiquity, myths persist about cloud computing, leading many to take a cautious stance toward its use. Some even avoid it altogether. These misconceptions can hamstring a business and keep personal data management locked into the digital Stone Age. While it’s difficult to pinpoint just how many cloud computing myths exist, the three most common misconceptions seem almost inescapable. Read more…


Cisco expands security solutions with open platform, analytics

The company’s security ecosystem will integrate with Cisco Internet of Things products, with the goal of providing developers a common platform to deliver solutions for public safety, utilities, and industrial environments. Read more…

SQL Server 2014, First Take: Powerful and flexible, with added in-memory support

Microsoft has been running SQL Server 2014 through its CTP programme for a while, and it’s now time for the company’s latest database release to reach general availability. We recently spent some time at Microsoft’s Redmond campus trying out its key new features. Read more…

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