17 mobile application development tools for your business

This article about mobile application development tools gives brief information about the major platforms for the independent construction of mobile applications. It will save a lot of money.

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17 tools for mobile app development:


1. My-apps

Free constructor for Android OS and iOS applications. 10 ready-made templates for different areas of business are offered to users: taxi service, food delivery, online shop, beauty salon, restaurant, bank, etc. You can easily publish your product to the App Store / Google Play and immediately begin to attract users after creating and configuring it.

2. Net2Share

Net2Share mobile application development tool

Net2Share.com is a fully free constructor for Android applications, which allows not only to create applications but also to earn some money using internal advertising. The service provides the ability to publish applications on the corporate account Net2Share.com and also provides a free Google Play account for the most active users.

Also, the company regularly conducts free educational seminars and webinars about the creation and promotion of the mobile applications.

3. FlipCat

flipcat mobile application development tool

FlipCat offers two options for the presence of your business on mobile platforms, the first and free way is to add your products/services into a single catalog of shopping and delivery service. We are talking about the application that already has a solid number of users. But if it is not enough for you, then you can have your own separate application.

4. iBuildApp


iBuildApp is a constructor for apps which are compatible with iOS and Android. The cost of the basic service package is $9.99 per month. On this platform 45.000 mobile programs were developed over the past two years. All plans include analytics, tools for promotion and technical support.

5. MobiumApps

mobiumapp mobile application development tool

It is a constructor for Android, Apple iOS, and Windows Phone. The functionality includes a shopping cart, order history, payments, sending of push notifications and promotion discount coupons. The clients of the service are quite famous for online shopping: 220 Volts, Alltime, Htc-online.

6. Apps4u

Apps4u mobile application development tool

The service will be useful just for restaurants, cafes and food delivery services as developed under this narrow category of small business. The developers focused on one thing unlike other universal applications, this gives exceptional functionality in Apps4u: menus, reservations, order meals, delivery, calling the restaurant and other niche things.

7. Wix

WIX mobile application development tool

Free website builder wix.com is great for small business owners as it has a simple online editor application Appixia. Wix stimulates customers to deploy mobile products for commercial purposes in addition to the sites created on the basis of the constructor.

8. AppsGeyser

APPSGEYSER mobile application development tool

AppsGeyser is an app developer tool for Apple iOS, Android, and HTML5. It is absolutely free, AppsGeyser earns only a percentage from the advertisement. The service is designed for a narrow row of customers such as bloggers, who want to create a solution for delivery of text and media content to their subscribers.

9. BuildAnApp

A constructor for self-generated apps for BlackBerry, Windows, iOS and Android with a monthly subscription fee of $19. The assembly is done in six steps, the output is a native app or a web app depending on the wishes of the client.

10. ViziApps

VIZIAPPS mobile application development tool

ViziApps is a mobile app developer tool for Android, Apple iOS, and HTML5. Rates from $99 per month, including the cost of publication of $395. The service is focused on solutions which support the business processes, aimed directly at the consumer (the so-called front-end processes): reported accidents and failures of equipment, management of retail sales. A distinctive feature of the constructor is that it is able to obtain information from internal data sources.

11. Windows Phone App Studio

WINDOWS PHONE APP STUDIO mobile application development tool

Microsoft graciously allows you to be the part of the beta testing of this mobile developer tools, which are built on the principle of “drag and drop” and templates for mobile platforms.

12. Appmakr

APPMAKR mobile application development tool

Appmakr creates applications in virtual operating systems: Apple iOS, Android, Windows Phone. The minimum cost of the service is $9 per month. Automatic publishing in the market will cost $199 (one-time payment). The mobile app dev tool allows you to develop mobile websites in HTML5 and native interface for Android absolutely free of charge if the created product will be embedded with an ad unit. The service offers analytics, a subscription to an RSS feed and helps the client to promote the ready mobile application.

13. AppNotch

APPNOTCH mobile application development tool

AppNotch is a tool for mobile application development for iOS, Android, and HTML5. The cost of the work on the platform is $18 per month. The app creation tool offers a tool for prototyping and making a layout of the front. It contains a wide selection of templates and gives a 30-day free period of use.

14. AppPress

APPPRESS mobile application development tool

This tool for app developers was created four years ago, hosted on the cloud server and specialized on applications for Apple and Google operation systems. The minimal price for a month is $30. The user gets 10GB of free space on the server for two projects and the amount of traffic of 5GB after subscribing.

15. AppsBuilder

APPSBUILDER mobile application development tool

AppsBuilder is a mobile app dev tool for developing applications on Android / iOS / HTML5. Monthly payment for services starts at $13. The slogan of the platform is “You imagine it, we build it”.  The online constructor supports the insertion of QR-codes among other useful features. To date, this platform has created more than 500,000 applications.

16. By apptive

By apptive is an application constructor for iOS and Android, it will cost $9.99 monthly. Functionality is adapted for the development of commercial solutions, this distinguishes it from competing products. The service is integrated with major e-Commerce platforms BigCommerce, Volusion, and Shopify.

17. AppyPie

Appy Pie Logo

AppiePie is a constructor of web applications in HTML5 for devices supporting Android, iOS, BlackBerry and Windows Phone. The basic monthly subscription costs $7. The platform can be used to create solutions for various purposes, including games and Passbook coupons. The AppyPie service is integrated with popular social networks to share photos and videos via Instagram, Picasa and others.

In this article, we described the main development platforms for mobile applications that will be useful to any entrepreneur. Select the appropriate tool and create your own application without special knowledge and experience for any device and OS: iPhone, Android, Windows Phone, BlackBerry, and others.

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