14 Tech Conventions You Should Attend in 2014, Most Important IT Leadership Skills, 11 Percent of Americans Think HTML is an STD

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  • 11 percent of Americans think HTML is an STD, study says
  • 14 Tech Conventions you should attend in 2014
  • Most important IT leadership skills over the next few year

11 Percent of Americans Think HTML is an STD, Study Says

As many a despot will tell you, when you’re taking over the world, you have a tendency to believe everyone appreciates it. The truth may well be, however, that many think they just can’t do anything about it. So they let you get on with it, knowing that, sooner or later, there’ll be a party to celebrate the rotting of your hubris. Read more…


14 Tech Conventions You Should Attend in 2014

The world of technology is constantly morphing, which makes staying up-to-date in your field a difficult task. IT and tech events, in general, are a great way to stay on top of cutting-edge technology, to learn new skills, as well as interact and share with people who have similar interests and goals. They can help you increase your knowledge, your professional network, and your brand. To help you plan your travel, the team at CIO.com has put together this list of the hottest tech events of 2014. Read more…

Most Important IT Leadership Skills Over the Next Few Years

A recent survey by the CIO Executive Council asked IT leaders to share talent management goals, gaps and development best practices for the top two tiers of IT leadership—the CIO’s direct reports and their direct reports. Results show none of the leadership development techniques that senior IT leaders are using are achieving great results. Read more…

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