MetaTools is a web application for enriching two-way communication between Line Managers and Employees, allowing discovery of skill level and motivations that can unlock a persons’ potential, to support personal and organizational goals.

A digital cloud and mobile enabled product that companies can use to maximize the growth of their employees’ human potential. The value of this project comes from a tried and time-proven concept, a foundation which we built upon during development.


The Client


Christian Harper
, Managing Director of MetaPeople Pty Ltd, has been in the consultancy and coaching business for over a decade with 3000 hours coaching experience; 350 supervised hours coaching and counselling experience and over 4000 hours interview experience. He also has 20 years’ experience in operations, sales and management from within the supply chain, recruitment, training and career development industries.
It was with all this expertise and proven approach that he requisitioned a digital cloud and mobile enabled product that companies would use to maximize the growth of their employees’ human potential.





As a longstanding software development company Letzgro has acquired ample experience in launching projects in collaboration with consultants.

Here we would like to share some of the lessons learned and best practices for successfully jump-starting your business.

In order to do this let’s explore our recent project which consisted of setting up a digital business for Christian Harper, currently Managing Director at MetaPeople – coach and HR consultant from Sydney, Australia.

With over 3000 hours coaching and 4000 hours interviewing experience, the expertise that came along with our client was invaluable for us, as we set to build-up a strong understanding of the needs of the business and problems we were facing to level.

The problems our Client set out to deal with

Understanding employee roles – Many companies face the fact that occasionally there’s a thin line between certain duties and roles.
Setting clear project tasks and goals – workers need to have clear goals and aims set in order to work effectively and stay motivated and productive.

Encompassing role alignment within the organization – role evolution is a dynamic process in any organization, so facilitating discovery of skill level and motivations can unlock a person’s potential, to support both personal and organizational goals.

Allowing everyone equal access to managerial attention – communication between different levels in the organization can always benefit from a clear link and nobody wants to feel left out.

Another substantial challenge of the project was ensuring the correct conversion of the system from a real-life concept into a workable SaaS solution. All this without losing value in process, but improving upon it.

Ways we approached problem-solving

Intuitive project management tools within the application
A comprehensive dashboard summarizing personal development
Visual mapping of roles, goals and ways of achieving them
Built-in messaging systems and increased process transparency

Technologies used


Development approach

We took the timed-proven concept which has shown itself time and again in practice in the HR consultancy world and improved upon it by digitizing it and bringing it to the cloud and thus increasing the value of the service by rendering it more accessible and mobile.

During development Letzgro aimed for a responsive web application with a lean, intelligent UI design and with a user-first mentality with performance at the forefront.

Streamlining the UX and design was another important factor in development so the whole product was meticulously thought out with the help of UX expert Michal Hicks. Building the information architecture package including a clickable prototype and each interaction description has been crucial to defining the future product.

Finally we ensured that it all worked together well in a service that was cloud-enabled and ajax-rich. As well as covered in Unit Tests and with Continuous Intergration as a crucial development component.


Involving top experts in the fields of UX and highly skilled resources we were able to convert decades of business knowledge and experience into a complex workable cloud-based system with an easy-to-use and intuitive UI and great internal components with the technology at our disposal. Turn your business ideas into web powerhouses by hiring professionals in order to develop enterprise-level products to improve your growth and support any and all of your corporate needs.