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What’s Phalcon?

Phalcon is an open source, full stack framework for PHP written as a C-extension, optimized for high performance. Phalcon developers don’t need to learn or use the C language, since the functionality is put in the form of ready-to-use PHP classes. Phalcon also is loosely coupled, allowing Phalcon framework developers to use its objects as glue components based on the needs of your application.


Why did we choose Phalcon?

First of all it’s a full-stacker with a huge community of Phalcon experts, and serious-minded documentation. It’s valuable to us as a Phalcon development company because it promotes MVC architecture and has all the classic features like Template Engine, Request Object Library, Caching, etc. Phalcon is insanely fast in performance. Its basically a C-extension to PHP – its source is written in C. Phalcon is a top choice for development as it shows one of the highest performance benchmarks among all development framworks, with the lowest memory usage – according to System Architect (A performance benchmark for popular PHP frameworks). Of course, each application’s tasks and requirements are different. However, fast performance really matters, so it’s always a factor to be considered when suggesting our Phalcon development services.

How can You benefit from our Phalcon development services?

As all efficient and time-tested PHP frameworks, it enables our Phalcon experts to deliver excellent web applications to you quickly and without hassle. Your business will benefit from the low time for setup and deployment as well as easy support during the lifetime of the app, not to mention an amazing performance once in action. As a Phalcon development company we’ve amassed quite a considerable knowledge base and experience working with it, so that will even further enhance our ability to deliver products to you flawlessly.

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    Letzgro’s Partnership with Phalcon

    Letzgro has a history of cooperation and official partnership with the team behind Phalcon. Our Phalcon experts are ready to tackle tasks of any complexity. We have been offering Phalcon development services for well over several years and it remains one of our top-used choices for excellent and robust products.
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