Web Infrastructure Setup Company

Letzgro owns a proficient web infrastructure setup team. Our developers use comparative tests, web monitoring tools and test all the projects we develop for performance, usability and stability issues.
You need to plan, to implement or optimize your infrastructure ?
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Letzgro is managed by Ihor Pidruchny, Ukrainian entrepreneur involved in software development.
Ihor is also involved in few internet startup companies. In long term perspective he is focusing on creating a small boutique incubator accompanied with professional software development company and recruiting agency.

Different projects have different goals, so their needs differ as well. Some are enough with a hosting or small virtual private server, some require multiple servers infrastructure built on cloud data centers like Amazon WS, Azure or Softlayer, or on rented machines placed in data centers.

Cloud Web Servers – We set up the operating system and all required software.

Specialized Hosting – In some cases you’ll want to use specialized hosting tuned for let’s say WordPress or Drupal. You can count on us in accomplishing this task.

Load Balancing – is a set of techniques and actions taken to distribute the requests equally onto every of accessible servers which scale the system. The approach does not only include distribution of HTTP requests, but also partitioning and distributing the database into shards, and designing the policy of commonly used resources and services on application level.

Proxy Servers – is part of infrastructure that does various functions such as analyzing requests and coordinating how they will be forwarded, caching, defence from massive attacks and others.

Web Servers – Choosing appropriate server and setting it up correctly ensures sustainability of the back end. We analyze peculiarities of the project and come up with advice and implementation to meet those peculiarities.

Caching – using some caching techniques make wonders. You can set up proxy caching which will dramatically decrease number of requests sent to web server, and the high-speed storage to cache recurring database queries.

Databases – We are not afraid to research, set up, configure and use various databases to meet specific needs of a particular project.

CDN Setup – Content delivery network is a way to optimize the bandwidth usage and time between the request and delivery of media content.

Components to Our Mutual Success

Open Minded Clients

The only thing we need from you to start successful cooperation is some credit and readiness to rely on us.

Passionate Account Management

Letzgro’s account managers are your agents inside our organization. They are focused on long-term connection and will do everything to protect relations from potential troubles.

Professional Project Management

Project managers at Letzgro exploit top notch methodologies in leading project, communication and managing risks.

Human Reserve

Our recruiters and internal HRs take care current projects are always reinsured with easy-to-install human reserve.

Advisory Board

Advisors help Board of Executives to avoid mistakes on our way of growth and set strategic directions.

Talented Developers

Ukraine is known for its talented IT specialists. We throughly select best talents into our organization.