Web Development

With web development teams in Ukraine and our global delivery experience we help companies from Fortune 500 and startups with web strategy, design, development and maintenance.
Web development (cloud development) is one of Letzgro’s main areas of expertise.
Our web development teams located in Ukraine have excelled in all areas of web development, from scalable architecture design to continuous delivery of robust, modern web applications.

From San Francisco to New York, Dubai to Sydney, we deliver corporate websites and communication software, social networks and online stores, high loaded media back end solutions and real time API applications.

We deliver and improve B2B and B2C solutions with custom functional requirements and various business models.
Our web developers will help you with any 3rd party integrations and synchronizations as well.

Cooperation models: per project or on continuous basis

Continuous development

Deploy your ongoing R&D operations with web development and other teams at Letzgro, to be maintained for months or years.

Project based

Focus on one time or several deliveries with projects having clear goal, scope, deadline and other criteria of success.

Key technologies

AngularJSHTML5coffe scriptsasstwitter bootstrapPHPyiiframeworkphalconnodejsexpressJSRubyROR

Types of web projects you can delegate to us

Corporate Websites

Corporate websites with multiple sections and marketing goals. Stunning design, high availability, mobile friendliness and focus on achieving your marketing goals.

SaaS and consumer facing web apps

Most complex web apps that implement custom functionality and presume payments, billing portal, dashboards and integrations.

Corporate cloud software

Work efficiency and collaboration tools to automate or facilitate business processes, increasing your corporate KPIs.

Scalable architectures

Smooth user experience is impossible with reliable server side architectures that scale to meet the need of realtime availability.