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Android Application Development Team

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The Letzgro development team combines the sustainability of our talent through full-time employed specialists in our offices located in emerging European IT powerhouses. We’re always ready to hear you out and provide our Free Consulting services on any thoughts on collaboration you might have. Let’s work on your idea together!


Applications for Android Smartphones

Applications for Android SmartphonesForm a great partnership with Letzgro when seeking a development company.

Developing for Android Wearables

Planning to develop an application for a smart watch or another type of wearable device?

Applications for Tablets

Applications for TabletsGet your business to a new level with application development for android tablets! Tablet apps are developed on the same technical platform, but can vary in their user interfaces or use cases. The development of tablet applications gives users outstanding accessibility wherever they are.

Porting iOS App to Android

Porting iOS to AndroidIf you have already developed an iOS application, hire the Letzgro android development team to port your iOS app to Android.
While it takes almost no additional business analysis efforts to define how to build android clone of iOS app, there are peculiarities related to UI elements and desired behaviors that we suggest factoring in.

Media Applications

Media ApplicationsWhile audiences are constantly shifting to mobile, the ability to efficiently deliver content to mobile technology users is seeing large demand. The Letzgro development team builds media applications for:

  • Magazines and newspapers
  • Corporate Newsletters
  • Multimedia information sources and communities.

Peronal Finances apps for Android

android finance ApplicationsFinancial management is Greek to many people. However, we all understand how important it is to keep track of our expenses. Indeed, the easiest way to stick to a budget is to do regular accounts. We collected full information about best personal finance apps for Android and about their features.

Social Media Android Applications

Social Media Android ApplicationsSocial media as such appeared soon after the Internet became a public asset. You can count on us for:

  • corporate social networks for android
  • android applications for particular communities
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Instant Messaging Applications

Instant Messaging ApplicationsDevelop an instant messaging android application if you want your users to communicate in real time. We will help you to provide your users with the smoothest experience possible, and scale the instant messaging app to millions of active connections.

Video Streaming Applications

Video Streaming ApplicationsDevelop video streaming android application when you want your users to instantly share content or have visual access to users’ surroundings. Video application can be developed to enable:

  • consumption of pre-existing video content;
  • upload of user-generated video content
  • real time-video communication
  • asynchronous video communication between users.

Applications with Background Mode

Applications with Background ModeAndroid provides rich access to background system functions as well as background mode, that enables opportunities for additional use cases. Development of android apps that use background mode is something we’re very keen on providing to our Clients 

Adjusting Applications to New Screen Resolutions

Adjusting to new Screen ResolutionsAndroid’s set of devices is very vast. With various screen resolutions, pixel density, screen sizes and OS versions, it is easy to get lost and take the wrong direction in planning a user interface that would be optimal for all available device variations.

Android Mobile applications development principles

There’s always a challenge of fitting a lot of features into a very limited viewport surface, and we like delivering great result each time. All the applications we develop go through in-depth testing in order to ensure the best functionality, compatibility and appearance.

Our Android development team delivers

  1. Client-Server Architecture Design
  2. Information Workflow Applications
  3. Android Game Applications
  4. Augmented Reality Applications

Technologies for Android

Native Android Applications

Specific to a given mobile platform using the development tools and language that Android platform supports native apps look and perform the best.

HTML5 Mobile Applications for Android

In many cases we build apps with the help of cross-platform application development frameworks. We use phonegap, but are open to use others on customers’ request.

Mobile Friendly Websites

Often making an application may not pay off business-wise, and designing a mobile friendly website is an excellent solution.

Planning to build world class android app?