AI, ML, and Chatbots

Chatbots are the next big thing. Bot store is the new app store, so it’s high time to start using chatbots in everyday life. At Letzgro, we build chatbots that boost your business.

How can you use chatbots?

  • B2B bots as SaaS model
  • content bots for native advertising
  • bots for leveraging affiliate marketing
  • bots for research campaigns
  • bots as lead generation business
  • B2C bots for pure retail
  • bots as advisors and assistants

What do we offer?

1. Cross-platform chatbots development


  • multi-channel communication
  • third party API integrations, such as CRM, ERP, knowledge base, accounting software
  • in-message payment processing
  • payment gateway integration

Chatbots we make have a natural language flow and an unlimited number of simultaneous chats. These conversational agents are fully automatic. They always provide users with instant replies.

Read these developer's insights on how to make a chatbot.

2. Speech recognition

  • context-aware
  • cross-platform
  • global vocabulary
  • real-time speech results streaming

With powerful speech recognition, you don’t have to use keyboards anymore. Power your applications with speech to text conversion – streamline your business.

3. Patterns recognition

With patterns recognition, you can use patterned branding for your company consistency and a pattern-based strategy for a simplified decision making.

  • predictive analytics
  • business pattern recognition
  • evidence analysis

4. Natural language processing for business

  • deep analytics
  • machine translation
  • automatic summarization
  • media sentiment analytics

Using natural language processing in your business, you enjoy such benefits as the improved documentation processes efficiency and accuracy, boosting the text fluency, more effective development strategies.