Working with Distributed Teams

Working with Distributed Teams

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Based on 10 years of experience in a comprehensive range of Internet applications and working with international teams, we want to share our knowledge and help you to proceed with your project in the best possible way. Start with our “Working with Distributed Teams” brochure for in-depth information on how to improve your experience and to be ready for all possible scenarios in cooperation. We will answer many of your questions and will also bring up the important nuances on finding technical co-founders or subcontractors. In this brochure we share our advises on many important sides of Collaboration with Distributed Teams, such as:

  • Working in Different Time Zones;
  • Principals on Choosing the Right Partner;
  • Financial Aspects of Collaboration, like bonus options for contractors, etc.;
  • Environment for Corporate Cooperation;
  • And other keys for your project’s success!

Letzgro Company is always ready to take on more and more projects, as we have a solid platform for growth for any interesting idea you have. Get back to us for a quote and our professional opinion on how to proceed with Your ideas and make the best out of Your Project!

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