Prime technologies we use

Front end:

AngularJSHTML5coffe scriptsasstwitter bootstrap

Back end:




obkectiv Cswift

play frameworkJavaandroid annotations





An Overview of the Most Important Technologies Used by Letzgro

In the past few years, there have been constant changes in development technologies. This is why the Letzgro team always had to attempt to stay ahead of all the accelerated advancements that have been occurring. We have been constantly hiring new people to provide additional innovative ideas that would enrich our repertoire of development techniques and methods. We have even managed to create our own solutions, striving to meet our clients’ increasing demands, and we have achieved some notable results in the process.


Server Side Programming

PHPRubypythonJavaС#swiftyiisymfonykohanazendphalconROR codeigniterNETAPSnodejsSphinxelastic

Web Front End Programming

html+js AngularJSbackbonejQueryyuizubr foundationtwitter bootstrapsasslessjadehamlcoffe scripttwig

Mobile Technologies

androidappleMicrosoftjQuery mobileJava

Development Operations, Infrastructure and Scaling Tools




Streaming Solutions


Code testing




The Main Technologies We Work With

The Importance of Innovations

The use of the right development technology is perhaps the most crucial aspect in reaching a successful outcome when it comes to creating high quality websites. CMS technologies have been a real asset in recent years, as they added some amazing new features that have been quite helpful. The use of Drupal and Joomla has provided an increasing level of progress over the past 10 years or so, and our experts in these CMS technologies are able to offer a high level of quality. Perhaps the best thing about using these advancements for developing better web applications is the diversity they can offer for managing literally any type of website, providing a wide variety of the newest features for enhancing the performance of web applications, and making them compatible with the newest technologies. Diversity and constant innovation are the two key factors here, as our team strives to explore and discover the newest development features for dealing with website content, ecommerce, easy database management and much more.