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Letzgro Company is well connected to startup world, globally, and have helped launch startups for individual entrepreneurs, in partnerships and for incubators.
A variety of e-commerce projects, private sales clubs, travelling web apps, event managing web apps we helped start promising businesses.
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Development Methodologies at Letzgro

Scrum and kanban methodologies are widely used in our projects to make the development process more measurable in terms of everyday results, flexible for changes that may be requested based on new external data received or conclusions that arose based on what has been already built.

Project Managers at Letzgro use Atlassian JIRA and a set of native and third party plugins, essentially Greenhopper Agile, for decomposing project scope, estimating tasks, prioritizing and arranging the tasks workflow inside of project teams. We also generate reports for clients using Atlassian JIRA functionality.

Using Basecamp, Pivotaltracker, Asembla, Teamgantt and other systems for task tracking and planning we set up them for your project, on your special demand.

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Letzgro Startup Methodologies

Letzgro startup development team follows lean startup methodology to eliminate wasteful practices and increase value producing practices during the product development phase so that startups can have better chances of success without requiring large amounts of outside funding, elaborate business plans, or the perfect product.

A very important part of our startup development approach is customer feedback. This makes startup product development integral to the lean startup process, and ensures that the producer does not invest time designing features or services that consumers do not want. This is done primarily through two processes, using key performance indicators and a continuous deployment process.

Because startups typically cannot afford to have their entire investment depend upon the success of one single product launch, but releasing a minimum viable product that is not yet finalized, the company can then make use of customer feedback to help further tailor their product to the specific needs of its customers.

Following lean startup development philosophy Letzgro startupdevelopment company pushes web based or tech related startups away from the ideology of their dot-com era predecessors in order to achieve cost-effective production by building a minimal product and gauging customer feedback.
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Letzgro Startup Incubator

For young entrepreneurs Letzgro has developed special startup incubator program.
We provide resources to nurture young companies, usually for a share of the equity, hoping to strengthen your savings.
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Letzgro’s Strengths You Can Benefit from

Talented Developers

Ukraine is known for its talented IT specialists. We throughly select best talents into our organization.

Devoted Account Management

Letzgro’s account managers are your agents inside our organization. They are focused on long-term connection and will do everything to protect relations from potential troubles.

Professional Project Management

Project managers at Letzgro exploit top notch methodologies in leading project, communication and managing risks.