Research and development centers in Ukraine

Launch Your Development Office in Ukraine


A-Z Support for Your Development Center Launch

From our first conversation all the way to successfully operating development center in Ukraine, we’ll be with you every step of the process

With the previous successful launches of development centers in Ukraine, we have developed an A-Z package of services for high potential post-Series-A companies.

We run the unique business model where we are able to accept convertible note in addition to our fees which turns us into your long term partner interested in your success.

Steps to Opening the R&D Office in Ukraine

Identify your needs

Budget and plan

Research talent availability

Establish digital presence

Legal and financial set up.

Office space rent/purchase

Hiring / Acquihiring / Temporary corporate contractors placement

Ongoing maintenance

Next Steps

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What we offer

Team Augmentation – recruitment of technical, sales and marketing talent in Ukraine

$1k upfront and $1k after 3 months of successful work together
Direct hiring: usually
$700 – junior ; $1.5k – $2.5k – middle; $2.5 – 5k – senior developer
Maintenance fee – depends on contract duration:
2 years or more (6 months deposit): $700 per person
1 year or more (3 months deposit): $900 per person
6 months or more (1.5 months deposit): $1.100 per person
No obligation: $1.500 per person

The maintenance fee includes:

$300 Office seat rent ( equipped with the desk, chair, common spaces usage such as – kitchen, gym, shower, ping pong, meeting rooms, balcony)

$700 one time fee for Legal agreement facilitation. We will ensure you have signed the appropriate agreement with the contractor, with the intellectual property transfer and all the other clauses that protect your company.

$110 quarterly Outsourced tax filing for the contractor. Our team cover all Ukrainian aspects regarding quarter reports and keep your business safe.

Consulting fee. We’ll guide you through all the process and provide with useful information regarding the team, finance, legal, and other parts of the business process.

Team Acquisition – if you are moving at ultra-high speed this option is the right fit for you.

If you are moving at ultra-high speed and want to build the entire team in days or weeks instead of months, this option is the right fit for you.

Being ultra-connected in the Ukrainian outsourcing world, we are able to do market intelligence, shortlist the best teams based on unstructured market data, perform internal due diligence and facilitate negotiations for the entire teams to join your company, through acquisition or other models.

Pricing varies based on the complexity and scarcity of technology, team size, timeline, and other parameters

Advisory – We’ll work out specific solution for you in the following areas:

What team and stack you need at your stage, advisory from CTOs in regards to architecture of your product/service, all necessary tools, and services that you may need for smooth and safe product development life cycle. Concept validation and review.
What amount of sales staff is optimal and what should be the structure for larger teams according to your needs and market. Sales funnels structure. Lead generation strategy. Your current space for growth in the sales and how to accomplish the targets. Set up of toolkit for sales. Pitch deck development, review, and validation.
Marketing Map Development and Processing according to the current market supply and demand.
Organizational Development:
Recommendation on Business Structure, BPMN, Roadmap, Networking, Integration of Methodologies (Scrum, The Lean Startup, The Blue Ocean Strategy, AELTS, Profit Cycle Model, behavioral economics approaches and methods, etc.)

We’ll provide your company with highly talented coaches to overcome current blockers.


We offer you a short and mid-term spike in efforts for technical development, marketing and sales by plugging in our in-house and external teams. Our business model helps you to receive quick involving into your companies processes needed specialists to achieve major goals.

We’ve helped dozens of tech companies so far. You can count on us, too.

Letzgro team is led by Ian Arden, who has been in technology space since 2003, with dozens of technology companies went through his advisory or execution. “We at Letzgro have been lucky to work with successful founders across the globe, from Silicon Valley to Sydney. We were accelerating companies technology teams and capacity, from ground zero to the technical teams counting dozens of members. Now, I’d like to leverage my experience and connectedness for your success!“