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Letzgro is a company that first saw the light of day in 2003. Since then, we have grown greatly with the help of our clients and their challenging projects. We have accumulated a great amount of experience in a comprehensive range of Internet applications. Our ambitions have not dimmed since our first days, and we are ready to take on more and more projects that will push our expertise beyond current boundaries.


CV will automatically upload to your Applicant tracking system!

If you receive a CV it will automatically drop to a Customer relationship management (CRM), where you can automatically see the general information about the candidate. According to that, your recruiters will spend less time for another activities, they will save time for recruiting.


User-friendly interface will help you to use it without any trainings

We will create a user-friendly design for you, so your software can be used even by a baby. You will save a lot of time and money because you don’t need have a trainings on how to use it.


Integration with e-mail and calendar services

We want to synchronize e-mail address of an applicant, so you can just organize a meeting with an applicant and he will be automatically informed by e-mail. It is very good feature for recruitment tool.


How to save a recruiter’s time?

We suggest to automating all filling candidate info processes (fields like name, surname, experience etc…). A system should do it automatically. We can also create a special video interview tool for you, so you can work from inside a browser tab


You can post a job directly in the system. People will see it in popular job boards

We will use the API of the required job services, so recruiters can post jobs very quickly. Also you can see CVs on these job boards without any additional actions.


Nobody could steal your data

We use only the most secure technologies. Your date will be safe from competitors.


Why not just choose existing software?

You could choose a premade solution, but for a future perspective it’s much more important to have software, that fits your needs exactly. You can tell us your wishes concerning every detail and we will implement it.


LinkedIn plugin for Chrome

Are you’re searching for a talents on linkedIn? We have a good feature for you! You can add talent in linkedIn by pressing only one button. Then you will see his profile in ATS.



    Letzgro Designs Applications with Such Technologies as:

    Ruby on Rails
    Angular JS

    Letzgro software outsourcing company works with extensive list of technologies, tools and solutions to meet many of existing challenges and foresee the future for you.




    Our partnership with Letzgro was essential to the successful launch of Cream.HR. There was no other scenario that would have enabled us to deliver the new platform the way we did. [As a startup] company, we had no choice but to move forward [with a limited budget,] and Letzgro allowed us to move forward and take our business to the next level.

    CEO of Cream.HR Caitlin MacGregor


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