The main purpose of Mobd is to socialize people in buying tickets for different kind of events. You can invite your friends to the event, spot them, change event logo and description, set limits for number of friends you want to see there and time limit for them to make a decision. When you click invite button, FB modal window should appear to confirm the invitation. Your friends should receive FB app notification with hash of that event.
After inviting friends you will land on Event wall. If you are the organizer of the event, you are in charge to make a final decision of are you going to the event or not. By pressing Buy tickets you will close the event, buy the ticket for yourself and friends you have spotted (if they replied they are going), as well as capture all preauthorizations from other friends.


The Client

ericI have built two businesses from the ground up and have had success introducing new products to market by identifying strategies that benefit my business, our clients and their customers. I have a proven ability to identify a customer need, generate and examine creative alternatives, and develop them into solid, executable marketing plans; from a water cooler discussion to a concrete financial plan. As an articulate, self-motivated sales and marketing professional, I set quantifiable objectives and measure results against them, and I get things done from start to finish.
Eric Rogness Mobd