Cost of Learning


The Product

A highly-functional website which delivers an easy-to-use way of finding out the true cost of higher education for any chosen school. It does so with a special method and algorithm obtaining data from two sources and then we provide a layer of proprietary data analysis and modeling to ensure we have the most accurate and comparable information available. The two sources are: (1) the National Center for Education Statistics (part of the Department of Education) and (2) the net price calculators that colleges provide on their websites.

Thoughtfully designed,  it brings actionable, clear, and simple information to what is currently a challenging and stressful process for many families. College is too expensive and the financial aid system is too complex for most of us to easily navigate. We are making it easy for families to determine their true net price of college and very importantly, compare those prices across a range of colleges


The Client

Jimmy Becker

Jimmy Becker has been involved as a senior executive and co-founder in the data and information industry for many years at both very small and very large companies, including OneSource Information Services, D&B, Dow Jones, and NetProspex. Second, he has been specifically focused on the challenges of the college financial process and student loan debt burdens through years of workshops, classes, and individual consulting he has provided.

He is committed to a better and easier way for families to make college selection decisions where they have easy access to understanding their true cost and comparing that to other colleges they may be considering. From this belief, was born.

He earned an undergraduate degree in Economics from Brown University and an MBA from the Yale School of Management.