The product

This is a chatbot that facilitates the work of an entrepreneur  by communicating with clients. While chatting with clients, the chatbot collects the needed information, provides help with images submitting, and generates a PayPal link. Using this chatbot, the entrepreneur doesn’t have to waste his time on the constant explanation of promotion process, requirements, payment, etc. The chatbot does it for him, interacting with clients and putting down all the needed information.

For making the chatbot our developers have used Facebook Messenger Platform,, PayPal APIs, and Google Docs APIs. They also used the database cloud platform Heroku. The chatbot is programmed in NodeJS.

The client

Our client is an entrepreneur living in Estonia who promotes tattoo artists and companies via his Instagram. Receiving hundreds of applications every day, the entrepreneur decided to automate his communication with clients. Our developers created a chatbot that carries out the following tasks:

  • processing orders;
  • choosing pricing options;
  • controlling materials submission;
  • PayPal integration;
  • aggregating information about orders in Google Spreadsheets;
  • ordering summary emails.


Here is an effective chatbot for an entrepreneur