Video Streaming Development

With video streaming developers in Ukraine and our global delivery experience we help businesses with video hosting, video streaming and complimentary technical solutions
Video StreamingVideo streaming development is one of Letzgro’s key competencies.
Our video streaming development teams located in Ukraine have excelled in all areas of this upward trend, from scalable video streaming architecture design to innovative video-enabled user interfaces.

All across the globe we deliver video hosting architectures, conversion and video processing algorithms, computer vision solutions and client-side video players.

Key video streaming technologies we are proficient in

Media servers

We deploy and customize media servers like Flussonic, Wowza, Red5 and others enable custom video solutions


We process video flow with ffmpeg – powerful back end solution for almost any video need you may have nowadays

Computer vision

OpenCV is a computer vision library we use to empower your systems with video recognition capabilities and ability to extract data from video


erlang is a powerful language fit for real time systems, including not only video but also messaging and telecommunications.

Types of video streaming projects you can assign to us

Consumer facing video platforms

Take advantage of growing trend of video consumption on mobile and laptop. Apps for user generated or professionally generated video content.

Workplace productivity through video

Enable video for your communication software, internal education portals or recruitment applications.

Augmented video apps

Enrich your video with subtitles, notes, or even edit your video to simulate alternative scenarios of video flow, both on web and mobile.

Scalable video streaming and hosting

Get prepared for high loads. Hire us to set up multi server architectures good for massive real time service.