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Refactoring & Code Review

There are many reasons for doing Code Review. Whether you need to assess the skills of your development team and make sure you get quality code or eliminate bugs in your software, Letzgro offers various solutions to ensure better security and performance of your product.

Finding pitfalls in your software at early stages of the development process can prevent problems in the future and save money. The sooner you find a bug, the cheaper it will cost to fix it. At Letzgro, Code Inspection is a part of team communication, our developers enjoy sharing knowledge with each other working together on a solid and secure code.

Reduce Technical Debt*

It’s common knowledge that to have clean, maintainable code throughout a project it should have a certain degree of abstraction*.
With imperfect code architecture, which is often the case, code abstraction can be compromised. As a result developers misunderstand and misinterpret code more often and the potential for bugs rises.
If tech leads and managers aren’t watchful enough, or just forego this principle it can have a disastrous snowball effect on the whole lifespan of the project, with every new feature becoming more and more expensive and time-consuming.
abstraction – a principle that recommends avoiding the duplication of information in general, and also avoiding the duplication of human effort involved in the software development process
technical debt – can be thought of as work that needs to be done before a particular job can be considered complete or proper. If the debt is not repaid, then it will keep on accumulating, making it hard to implement changes later on.


Who benefits from code review?

Your Clients
Bug-free, reliable software on time and with the potential for future additions to the platform

Product managers
get a smoother work experience with better expectation management along with a quality product with no big surprises for the future.

Investors and VCs
as an important part of due diligence they are more eager to invest in products which went through thorough inspection, as it’s well-known that startups very often fall trap to extended deadlines and diminished ROI as a result.

The development team
benefits from external code-reviewer experience, people such as community leaders, framework founders and creators, this greatly facilitates software team communication and creates great opportunity for developing coding skills.

Letzgro Code Review Services

Code Review Audit
By reviewing your existing code, Letzgro serves as your outsourced CTO in the way. Our software experts can run code review to provide a one-time code review audit, or have occurring engagement to improve your team’s skills.
Refactoring Existing Code
Technical debt is inevitable part of every software project. It takes time, effort and passion to polish the code base to excellence. And that’s a technology, too.
Establishing Development Rules
Companies involve us to establish the rules for the development teams, in-house and outsourced, before starting the development.

Returning You Control and Order

Hire Letzgro as a permanent third-party consultant for development process review and compliance check, as well as in critical situations where you need urgent help over the project that got out of your control.


To order the Code Review service, send a request to We’ll be happy to assist you with all the further steps.
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More information on Code Review

Code Review Methodology

Code review is made independently from the main development process, unless you receive the signals that any coding should be stopped as highly inefficient before the code review is made.

The Code Reviewer needs to have access to the code.

There’s a number of automated code review tools, like Phabricator and Crucible, but humans are still essential to reviewing code, as real people are the ones who make mistakes and there’s no machine that can eliminate all the bugs.

Frequency and Triggers for code review

Project Start Code Review is used to set the right standards and tone for the development team.

Not only does it set logical principles, it usually boosts team morale and their inspiration to produce good quality code.

Ongoing Code Review can be made every couple of weeks in order to maintain decent code quality.
Final Product Shipping Code Review is used as a final check and formal closure of the project.

Code Review Checklist

  1. Compliance with code style standard.
  2. Compliance with patterns, such as MVC, MVVM, Factory, Singleton and others where applicable.
  3. Overall usage of framework capabilities.
  4. Representation layer check.
  5. Business logic layer check.
  6. Security principles check.
  7. Database layer check.
  8. Comments sufficiency check.
  9. Miscellaneous recommendations.