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Product Definition


Tangible Product Definition and User Experience

It cannot be overstated how important initial phase of putting together the specifications is. Since lean approach and agile has become the two fancy buzzwords, too many people started to build products without having a vision of what they would love to see in the end, and without the plan.

It has become common to hear the excuse that “we will iterate” and it will be “based on what I see already built”. User-feedback has also got too much into the centre of what determines the product.

The truth is – any iterative development process requires a well thought out architecture and end goal to be set, and what we call the tangible product definition is the way to get there.

The goal of such activity would be to come up with visual representation of the project that will serve as

  • presentation for your stakeholders,
  • advertising material for your fund raising and early sales needs,
  • specification for project execution team.

Usually the deliverable of such Product Definition and User Experience include

  1. Visual Design Deck.
  2. Clickable Prototypes.
  3. Prototype Annotations.

Process of Product Definition

Participants will hold demo and discovery meetings every day or every two days where:

UX Specialist will run product discovery discussions and prepare the interim deliverables for every next discussion, up until the deliverables will be accepted by Product Owner as complete.


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