Zend Framework Development

Zend Framework Development – Reaching a Better Level of Reliability and Simplicity

Letzgro aims to use only the best technologies when it comes to creating top level applications, and Zend framework development is no exception from this rule. The framework is one of the simplest, most reliable open source application geared to offer a more powerful way of working with PHP 5.

The difference between Zend and other open source applications is that it is licensed under a special type of agreement, according to which all code contributors have to sign a Contributor License Agreement in order to avoid issues regarding intellectual property in the case of commercial users.

Why Choose the Zend Framework?

The rigorously tested code base that the Zend framework comes with is perhaps the most important reason why most web developers choose to work with this software. All the components and features are thoroughly tested, and comply to even the strictest Enterprise standards.

Despite all this, Zend framework development is not as troublesome as some may assume. Quite on the contrary, it remains stable and easy to extend, so that developers have almost no difficulty in using it to work on even some of the most complicated projects.

The Letzgro Zend framework developer team generally considers the framework to be simple and geared toward productivity, the extensive component library already providing more than 70 % of the standard requirements that most online businesses would need.

Zend Framework – Development and Latest Features

The most important aspect of Zend framework development is quite possibly the high quality, object-oriented PHP 5 library. The numerous top class components available will make the work of any Zend framework developer far easier, as the focus on high quality design patterns and loose coupling are held in high regard.

Additional features include a native PHP version of the Lucerne search engine, the easy publication of web services, the straightforward access of a broad variety of data formats from Web 2.0 applications and the support of Ajax through JSON. The latter is designed to provide an elegant, dynamic design that all your users will love.

The Simple Cloud API

In September 2009, it was announced that Zend framework development would be enhanced by the addition of a common API to cloud set of services called the Simple Cloud API. This project was geared to focus on allowing the creation of safer, more reliable and modern applications.

The services are designed to provide a variety of options geared to improve the portability of PHP applications on all the most important cloud platforms. The supported services include storage, document and queue with adapters for various services provided by other vendors. Offline development is also supported with the help of local adapters.

The success of the Zend framework is largely based on the intense concentration on detail and efficiency that is usually required from an efficient PHP framework. Our team strives to make the most out of the numerous, comprehensive features and qualities that Zend framework development can offer, and we will always try to come up with the most creative innovations to make our PHP based applications look and feel great.