Wowza Developer

Hire a Wowza Developer – Get Our Experts to Solve All Your Problems

If you want a high load website with rich media content, you will find that an experienced Wowza developer can offer you a lot of benefits. The Wowza developers from Letzgro have over 3 years of experience in working with the media server, and are well-versed in dealing with high load projects.

The server can run on most of the popular operating systems used today, and it is often used for RIAs (rich internet applications) involving streaming and on-demand video, as well as the presentation of audio content over public and private IP networks.

About the Wowza Media Server

Wowza is a relatively new technology, the first version of the server having appeared in 2007, and was originally intended to be used as an alternative to the Adobe Flash Media Server. Back then it had far simpler functionality options, and the job of a Wowza developer was not exceedingly complicated.

As it progressed, however, the media server started providing powerful support for a variety of types of media. Only a year after its appearance, various advanced protocols were added to enhance the server’s quality and versatility, starting to build the foundation of the powerful application that we know today.

These have initially included the support for Advanced Audio Coding (AAC), the Real Time Streaming Protocol, the Real Time Transport protocol and the MPEG transport system. Gradually, in more recent versions, support for Silverlight and Quicktime was also added along with various features and functions compatible with most mobile devices.

By October 2011, the job of a Wowza developer became far more complex, as the addition of DVR and live transcoding support, as well as the DRM plug-in functionality, were also made available, further enhancing the possibilities that Wowza development could offer.

The powerful media server is now one of the most comprehensive and advanced high load servers available on the internet, and because of the reduced cost, the license is far more favorable when compared with Adobe’s Flash media server.

What can Our Developers Offer You?

The main function of Wowza developers is to install and configure the server, fine tuning it to work with various web applications that can make use of the numerous functional features of the server.

The Letzgro Wowza developer team consists of experts in Wowza development who can create top quality multi-user applications that work with the server to provide the highest performance while still keeping the overall load of the connection at a minimal level.

Our company works with the PMI methodology, and, due to relying on Java and creating IPTV applications, our projects offer the best level of functionality, striving to meet even the most demanding requirements of our clients.

If you want your audio and video content to be easily accessible by numerous users from desktops, laptops or various mobile gadgets and devices, the Wowza media server can quite possibly be the answer to all your problems. A well-versed Wowza developer team like the developers from Letzgro will offer you the highest quality services and provide you with everything you need for your high load web application requirements.