Symfony 2

The Use of Symfony 2 – Adding a New Spin to Web Application Development

Symfony 2 has been released as a new version of the famous Symfony PHP framework in July of 2011. The new version has brought numerous innovations that our web developers have eagerly studied in order to start using the many advanced features that were added to the existing 1.4 version.

Apart from providing a more lightweight, easy to use coding structure and an increased development speed, the framework has also moved up a few steps when compared with the ratings of most web development tools and technologies, as its enhanced modularity and simplicity allows for a far better experience when it comes to enhancing the productivity of various parts of an application.

The Main Benefits of the Framework

One of the most notable advantages of Symfony 2 development is the framework’s ability of offering a better efficiency / cost ratio. This is mainly due to the improvements of some of the components and modules that were present in the 1.x versions, as although their functionality was acceptable, they still had flaws, and this became quite apparent when version 2 came into the spotlight.

Also, the use of namespaces and decoupling is overall easier, which is an increasingly important aspect in development, as well as economics, since the latter is becoming more and more used in the context of economic production.

Another intriguing aspect of Symfony 2 is the fact that it is suitable for developing scalable solutions. Advanced caching is an important consideration here, as its enhanced use in the case of this framework allows for better scalability, as well as speed. Our team believes that the new Symfony caching system is far better equipped in this regard, and has become one of the best possible approaches of all.

The Most Important Letzgro Applications Built with Symfony 2

Two intriguing applications that we have developed using the new version of the framework are the following:

 The first one is a new social network designed for job seekers. This application is geared towards people who want to return to work with the help of group support, as well as various tasks and rewards.

 Another useful Symfony 2 based web application that Letzgro has created is a web based solution for a private sales shopping club. These websites are more and more popular these days, and owning a powerful application of this type can offer numerous business related advantages.

The version we have developed offers extended management for campaigns, multi-server XML communication, the integration of social invitations and Mailchimp API integration.

For a skilled Symfony 2 developer, the superiority of the advanced features provided by this framework are quite visible when compared with many other tools used for the production of web application components.

It is quite clear that the technological advancements are progressing at an increasingly rapid rate in the IT world, and our company aims to continue keeping an upper hand by using frameworks such as Symfony 2 for the development of some of the most advanced web solutions on the internet.