Symfony 1.4

Introducing Symfony 1.4 for Highly Rated Web Application Architecture Design

There are many strong frameworks that are based on PHP, but Symfony 1.4 is quite possibly one of the most successful ones yet. Our company has been working with this framework since 2009 and completed 10 top rated projects with its help.

This is a powerful tool for speeding up the development of web applications, as well as increasing the quality of their functional aspects. With the help of a built-in cache mechanism, the framework is able to provide faster rendering which is a major requirement for all of the most important frameworks available today.

The Advantages of Symfony 1.4

Our developers can tell you that there are numerous benefits in using this powerful framework when it comes to building even the most pretentious web applications for both business and personal use.

Released under the MIT license, Symfony is a free piece of software, and it is built to follow the MVC (model-view-controller) paradigm, allowing for an easier control of various sections of an application, such as the user interface, and a simplification of the general architecture used to build each specific project.

The main goal of these tools is to enable a Symfony 1.4 developer to speed up the functionality of web applications, and to simplify their creation and maintenance, mainly by replacing tedious, repetitive coding tasks. The result is a solid, easy to use application that provides developers with full control over its configuration, and can offer literally millions of users easy access to its various features.

Symfony 1.4 Applications Developed by Letzgro

Over the past three years, we have created a number of top quality web applications using the Symfony framework. Without a doubt, these are some of the most powerful web solutions provided by Letzgro, and the features they include have proved to be quite useful and manageable.

The social wishlist application we have built provides an overall better level of social integration than what one can find on the market nowadays. The application has proven to be fast and easy to use, also featuring live event feeds and group gifting.

Another website we have built using the Symfony 1.4 framework is the Middle Asian Diaspora Network. This is a classic social network that features a variety of versatile tools, including live feed with filtering support, user profile management capabilities, blogging, image and video uploads, as well as social API integration.

As you can see, Symfony 1.4 development has assisted us in creating both simpler and more complex projects, its numerous tools and functions allowing for a large flexibility when it comes to coding purposes. Our main goal is to attempt to get the most out of all these functions, and do our best to provide our clients with the highest quality web solutions they can find on the market.

There is practically no limit to the variety of fast, user friendly applications that can be built using this versatile framework. As a result, we aim to use Symfony 1.4, as well as its newer versions for providing companies with enhanced personal and group performance, as well as enabling overall better communication options and decision support.