Shopify Developers

Letzgro shopify developers have completed couple of projects which have confirmed a simple rule: keep the simple things simple.

Shopify development is a natural choice of an agency which wants to create a medium size shop which is not planned to contain a lot of custom features (although this is not a problem as well).

Our shopify developers have delivered these kind of projects:

  1. Customize shopify theme.
  2. Create theme from scratch and integrate into shopify template engine.

Shopify developers at Letzgro are in very good relations with HTML developers and QA team and are able to deliver projects efficiently and with high quality.

Pixel Perfect HTML for Shopify

Please note, we usually apply pixelperfect HTML development to all our project. It means that you will receive the HTML which is pixel by pixel corresponding to the PSD you’ve provided. The HTML can also be developed non pixelperfect after your approval, if the PSD design provided by you was not created according to a unified grid and layout differs from page to page. We will only advise you to adjust the HTML if it will increase the overall efficiency and consistency of your product.

Shopify on Mobile. Responsive Ecommerce

Mobile ecommerce is a mandatory feature nowadays. Due to responsive layout development we are able to build a shop for you which will look good on all kind of screens, and act respectively to each and every display resolution. This is becoming important in the world where from 30% to 50% of time online is spent with smartphones.