Scalero High Load Framework

Letzgro’s Approach to High Load Solutions – The Scalero High Load Framework

It can be difficult sometimes to meet some of the more demanding requests of clients requiring high load solutions for their web applications. This has been a problem that many web development companies have faced over the years, and very few were able to come up with a good way of solving it.

Our company has developed the Scalero High Load Framework for this precise purpose. Thanks to our experts’ experience in working with scaled systems and the lean autoload of system classes, the framework was a success right from the start, allowing our clients to experience an enhanced functionality of their websites, and to eliminate many issues that used to endanger their online businesses.

Main Features and Implementation Possibilities

The scalability of application and database instances has become an increasingly troublesome issue as the demand for websites using larger databases and complex data handling code structures has been growing considerably in the past few years.

The Scalero framework aims to solve this issue by providing innovative solutions when it comes to increasing the ability of a web application to deal with a growing amount of work and data handling needs.

Another key feature that the framework uses is called HMVC (Hierarchical Model View Control). With API communication support, this software architecture allows for the easy separation of the various aspects of an application, such as the input and business logic, while also being overall less strict than the MVC techniques that many similar frameworks use.

Additional features and benefits include Ajax support, built-in template caching, as well as an easy to use permissions system. It should also be noted that there are very few frameworks similar to the Scalero high load framework, and its high performance functionality and ease of use has allowed us to create better quality social network applications, ecommerce platforms or even Facebook games.

The Framework’s Business Value

We have developed the Scalero high load framework to be more like an approach framework rather than a coding automation solution. Besides its ability to deal with scalability issues, providing a more efficient high load solution for web applications, it also has the role of assisting your organization in various ways in order to reduce costs and improve intellectual capital.

The framework will, therefore, work towards practically eliminating the need for code refactoring, optimizing your hardware budget in the case of lean resource use, and increase the potential of more easily expanding a concept that has initially been thought out in a specific way.

Every detail was taken into account by our experts when they have developed this framework, and the entire code is carefully structured in order to take into consideration aspects such as the usage of system resources, universalism and simplicity.

Even if you need an extremely powerful set of web solutions to help your online business thrive, with the help of the Scalero high load framework, our expert developers will easily be able to help you. Whether you need e-commerce solutions, a community portal or even just a simple content-based website, we will make sure that your needs are met with the least amount of effort or cost.