Kohana Development

Kohana Development – A Powerful Way of Creating Top Class Web Applications

Kohana development is one of the best choices when it comes to creating top quality components for web applications. Letzgro has been working with this elegant PHP 5 framework for a while now, and we can testify of the numerous quality features and benefits that it can provide.

Kohana is an appropriate choice regardless of whether the website that needs to be built is a project of a higher complexity that has advanced database handling requirements, or simply a low maintenance web application that requires very few resources or components.

Kohana Development – Quality and Speed

In terms of speed and quality, the numerous Kohana development options available can offer a lot of possibilities. The entire code is structured in easy to use objects and classes, so that a Kohana developer will have very few issues implementing the code of his choice.

There are many ready-made quality components already integrated in the framework that can also be updated and enhanced quite easily. These include comprehensive functions geared to allow easy database access, translation tools, as well as encryption, profiling and validation options.

The debugging tools are easy to use, and can help identify and solve any type of Kohana development issues in record time. This feature assists our developers in producing the most complex code without any management problems.

Our company has already developed two high quality projects with the help of Kohana:

• A portal designed for the comparison of financial products that uses a huge, complex database and a comprehensive set of information sources;
• A model agency website with informational pages and a portfolio of photo models.

Kohana Development – Database Management and Library Extensions

The framework is extremely fast, and its functional features can allow a Kohana developer to create high quality web applications that can handle even the largest databases. This is the main reason why many experts consider Kohana development to be one of the best choices for carefully optimized websites that require a variety of functions and can handle large quantities of data without being slowed down.

The entire framework is built using PHP 5 classes and objects, which not only allow for an easy integration of the existing components into a new project, but also make their extension extremely straightforward, while allowing the creation of new libraries, as well.

The variety of web applications that can be built using this framework is, therefore, quite impressive, making it easy for a Kohana developer to employ every OOP skill necessary for the production of top quality components that are easy to integrate in a variety of different projects.

Also, because of the simple routing structure of the framework, it is not difficult to monitor the entire code and keep track of precisely what needs to be added to specific components in order to fine tune the functionality of a web application until the best results are reached.

Regardless of the type of application you need, our experts in Kohana development will be able to meet your needs and expectations without a problem, creating all the required components, and making use of the numerous advantages that this framework can offer.