jQuery Development

jQuery is a fast and concise JavaScript Library that simplifies HTML document traversing, event handling, animating, and Ajax interactions for rapid web development. jQuery is designed to change the way that you write JavaScript. Letzgro’s jquery developers, being complex UI developers, can ensure complete and most efficient usage of jquery to animate and bring real time interaction to client side.

Choosing jQuery Development Services over Flash Web Design

We hear people talking about the amazing results they obtained with jQuery and we see jQuery development services advertised everywhere. It is hard not to think of the fact that a while ago, no one was even thinking about this alternative and web designers everywhere would have placed their highest bets on the old Flash.

How the jQuery Development Opportunities Raised above the Flash Design Fashion

In web design, just like in real life marketing, success is all about vision and interactive experiences. It is true that the results obtained with flash are hard to match, but just like it usually happens, good things can be overused and thus turned unnecessary or uninteresting.

In the same manner, Flash went from the symbol of visual and creative value it used to represent, to a label of ordinary that developers began to avoid. Even its ability to showcase high end graphics and interactive games was overshadowed by the features of the newcomer – jQuery.

The incredible development jQuery has known over the last period is not only the result of the new, but also a logical consequence of its capabilities to replace and improve everything that Flash used to be associated with.

And to prove that jQuery’s supremacy is not just an accident, its use is associated with a series of valuable benefits.

jQuery Development Benefits

SEO benefits – adding interactivity to existing HTML pages and not hampering the website’s visibility when it comes to PR. Studies show that the SEO friendliness Flash showed until recently was long surpassed by jQuery, offering accessible navigation elements and galleries that the search engines’ crawlers simply cannot resist.

Smaller design elements size – the files created with jQuery are smaller, which leads to an improved user experience and a faster website loading for most browsers. Since the latest Google updates consider the website’s loading time when calculating PR, jQuery offers an advantage that cannot be overlooked.

Simple coding – since jQuery is available in open source, you don’t have to worry about coding. You can find everything you need online, for free, together with useful web design tips and tricks that will help you spice up your website and turn it irresistible. You no longer need to waste time on learning and improving your coding skills as Flash required.

Users’ preferences – Statistics show that quite a few users avoid to visit Flash designed websites due to the fact that they take too much time to load, especially with a slow Internet connection. jQuery doesn’t have this problem and even answers the users’ tendency to use the navigation button no longer available with Flash.

Conclusion – The jQuery Development Opportunities Can No Longer Be Matched By Flash

It isn’t a personal conclusion, it is what the numbers show, and as a website owner, you may want to use the information. Assuming you are not exactly the best jQuery developer, you can always find a couple of reliable jQuery development offers, study them and choose the best for your business.