Glassfish Development

The Glassfish Development Community

Did you find the GlassFish development community interesting and you would like to know more about the membership opportunities available? You’ve come to the right place, and there is no doubt you will find GlassFish a project worth working on, especially as part of such a welcoming community.

What Is GlassFish?

Although in answering this question most websites and articles refer to the community and the project, the application server is in fact the most important, the others two being built around it. It is open source, meaning that it can be used and distributed for free.

At the base of the server we find the source code for the 9th Edition of the Application Server Platform developed by Sun Java System. The code was donated by Sun Microsystems. Another code standing at the base of the Glassfish server is the one for TopLink, donated by Oracle.

GlassFish Development Community Membership Benefits

The GlassFish community is in fact a group of over 1000 people who have in their hands the source code and the permission to implement on a commercial grade the Java EE 5. What does that mean? Becoming a member of the GlassFish community gives you a chance to develop new Java applications and test their conformance with the Java EE 5.

Also, maintaining Java applications, members get to start early the migration to Java EE 5, and a chance to take a peak at the new Java EE 5 features like Java Persistence API, Java Architecture for XML and its improved mapping capabilities, the simplified Binding JAXB 2.0 web development interface for Java API (XML Web Services 2.0, not to mention the improvements brought to the Enterprise JavaBeans 3.0 revolutionary technology.

As a Glassfish developer you also get to try the newest features of the applications deployed to the GlassFish server.

But let’s not forget about the not so technical responsibilities and opportunities the GlassFish development community members share, respectively exchanging information within the discussions forum, by email or through blog posts.

It is very important for the community members to maintain a continuous flow of information and share their ideas and opinions, no matter if the information exchanged represents personal insights, development issues debates or technical details.

Becoming a Member of the GlassFish Development Community

Although the community includes heavy names and degrees belonging to some of the most popular Oracle and Sun engineers, there are no specific requirements for community membership regarding qualifications or educational background.

In order to get started, you simply have to download and install GlassFish. The source code comes with a CDD (Common Development and Distribution) License that allows you to view it, edit it, use it, or alter it.

In order to alter the source code, you have to comply with certain rules referring to the Glassfish development process, namely coding conventions or commitment procedures, and also to sign and submit a contributor’s agreement, but other than this bureaucratic hassle, there is no doubt you will find the GlassFish project challenging, and the community worth being part of.