Developing a Single Page Application – Key Recommendations

Single Page Application is a cloud software development approach that rooted in AJAX-based communication between front end – usually the browser itself – and server-side.

With cloud software developed as a single page application, you will have the main load of the page initiating the usage, and then the page in your browser will utilize JavaScript to load additional parts of the software or content from the server when it is required, and per user input.

Single page applications usually feature heavier business logic and user interaction logic on the client side, while server side usually serves RESTful API and is lighter than in conventional web development approach.

Use SPA Approach for:

  • building data manipulation and reporting systems, such as
    • ERP cloud software;
    • HR software;
    • healthcare systems;
    • production related software;
    • warehouse solutions;
  • Highly interactive end-user software, for example:
    • social networks;
    • email and messaging clients;
    • portals and communities websites;
    • productivity tools.

SWOT Analysis of Single Page Application Development


Reduced server maintenance costs
Optimized User Experience


Incompatibility with old browsers (IE8)
SEO factor is unclear or weak


User-centric thinking
Technological advancement


Cost of Expertise
Development time

Comparing conventional web development and developing single page application


Development with an SPA approach makes the front end aspect crucial. This influences workflow in a major way. Front end developers dictate the rules. You can more often now than previously hear an angularJS developer at Letzgro say:
“I am going to do this and this, and for that I will need to get this kind of API and that kind of API put/post methods”.


Once the front and back ends agree on API calls, they can do their work independently.
Front end will usually arrange the fixtures for APIs to simulate the data provision from back end. The latter will be making with their own roadmap to implement APIs.


Single Page Application approach embracesthe power of AJAX, and its implementation in web browsers.

Google is known to be one of the early adopters and propagators of a thick client side.
It is also this company’s big contribution to development and support of angularJS, a JavaScript based MVC framework, which Letzgro has also chosen to be a corporate choice for front end excellence.